Obamacare Enrollment Lies

By … Chuck Pithy

Jay Carney, the White House Press Secretary loves to boast about the Obamacare numbers, 2.3 million signed up, an additional 3.9 million people now are eligible for Medicaid and over 65 million visits to the website.  He quickly dismisses critics of the low enrollment numbers by saying the website caused some problems and they had always anticipated most everyone waiting until the last moment to sign up.

For those with a good memory, we recall hearing signup projections of 7 million by Dec 31, 2013.  While you certainly can blame the website for some of the disappointing numbers, as we all know the website issues were fixed by December 1, giving people a whole month to sign up.  So where are all those people who were desperately seeking affordable heathcare???  By all account they should have been going to the website in droves for this godsend for the uninsured.

Now about the Medicaid numbers, is seem the administration is taking credit for people who renewed their Medicaid coverage and are counting them as first time Medicaid recipients.  More accurate numbers are calculated to be around 390,000, a huge difference from that to 3.9 million.  This is another in your face lie the administration has told the American public.

Let talk about the 2.3 million number that they brag about.  Vice President Biden had proclaimed that now that millions of people have access to healthcare that never did before.  Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, hate to burst your bubble folks but there are several misconceptions here.  First, people have always had access to healthcare through emergency rooms.  Second, just because millions have signed up for health coverage on the ACA website does not make the care affordable when people realize the huge deductable for the lower cost plans.  Third, just because millions have signed up, the truth is far less than half of those signed up, have paid for their coverage.  Finally, many who signed up, upon realizing the high deductibles will elect to not pay for the insurance and use the cost of the insurance coverage to meet the absolute necessitates of medical issues.

President Obama proudly brags about the over 65 million hit that the Obamacare website has gotten.  Considering how many people had to go back multiple times just to try and sign up, it really is not a very impressive number.  In addition, many journalists, bloggers, media people and conservatives visited the site just to find out how bad the Obamacare costs, deductibles and coverage’s really were.

But here is the real question that will be asked that will never be answered.  Of the 2.3 million who have signed up for coverage, how many of them had other plans that were canceled due to Obamacare lies of keeping your insurance???  If only 10% lost their coverage it brings down the number of what they can claim as newly insured by 230,000.  Now if we move that number to 30% which is probably much closer, then they lose 690,000 and could only claim about 1.5 million.  They certainly spent a tremendous amount of money ($500,000,000 on the website alone) just to insure such a small number of people. 

In summary, the numbers are low, the younger people are not signing up to subsidize the older ones, and the coverage for most American’s is anything but affordable!  This just goes to show that what was suppose to fix a small problem, now thanks to government regulation, has causes such wide reaching problems that we may never get back to the first class health care we once enjoyed.  Here is to change you can believe in, NOT.

I am Chuck Pithy and I tell it like it is!!

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