Obama Leaves four Behind In Benghazi, And SIX In Chatanooga


If you are an American, it’s time you started paying attention.

Just prior to the 2012 election in which Obama found himself enjoying a second term living in the White House, he choose to leave four Americans behind to die after a fierce gun battle protecting an American Embassy in Benghazi Libya. In the aftermath of that horrible event, Americans were lied to, and purposefully  mislead, on every possible level. The families and loved ones of those killed where fed information the administration knew was false even as they laid their sons to rest.

Interestingly enough, as we were lied to, those of us paying any attention at all, knew from the very beginning that it was happening. We began uncovering the falsehoods almost as soon as they were uttered, and yet because of the astounding depth of this administrations ineptitude, they continued making fools of themselves by compounding their lies and insisting what they said was the truth. For a while, had the situation not been so tragic for the families involved, and America as a whole, the number of times they were flat out caught spewing their dribble made it almost comical and when combined with the thousands of other lies this administration has tried to convince us were facts, it is down right sickening. Here are some examples of just a few…. https://youtu.be/sA19l_x3VVc

As egregious as all of those lies are however, what is even more positively disgusting, and showcases the depth of his pathetic ineptitude even more, is  his complete disregard for Americans in general, but certainly more specifically, those Americans who serve our country and dedicate their lives to protecting our country and it’s people.

Last week, after the administration having received intelligence that American Military members and their families were targeted by ISIS, but for the most part, shrugging off that intel as not “actionable,”  five American soldiers and one American Police Officer were murdered in an act of terrorism smack in the middle of America’s heartland, the very spot no one would have ever expected such a thing, Chattanooga Tennessee.   But don’t let the location of this attack, and the fact that it didn’t happen in New York or Los Angeles create an escape clause in your minds for this administrations lack of action in protecting our own, because it was only a matter of time before these depraved ISLAMIC RADICAL TERRORISTS (yes I said it) figured out that the best way to REALLY strike terror in the hearts of Americans is to hit them where they won’t ever expect it, small town America.

Now as if all of that weren’t enough to make our forefathers turn in their graves, this individual residing in the white house spent the hours and days immediately following this needless tragic event flying to New York city and Partying with his daughters, attending a Democratic fund raising party, appearing on a comedy television show, and ignoring the ever growing volume of We the Peoples voices when the flag at the white house was not immediately lowered to half staff  out of respect and reverence to those who died in a terrorist attack perpetrated within our own country.

Now, there are some out there who will read this and think, “oh whats the big deal? It’s just a flag.” (Michele Obama) But we’ve got news for you, that’s not just a flag! Those are The Colors I Fly . Clearly  you THINK “it’s just a flag” because you have no respect for what it represents, and more importantly for WHO it represents. Obviously this must be the case, because the White House had no problem lowering that flag for a singer who killed herself with illegal drugs, an actor who died of a heart attack, or for immediately washing the White house, The peoples house with a rainbow of lights within two hours of the resent supreme court decision on Gay marriage.

Five days later, FIVE DAYS after the attack on America’s heartland that killed FIVE American Soldiers and one police officer, After the New York Party, After the Democratic Fund raiser,  after the appearance on a television comedy show, and only after the outrage became so abundantly clear to the administration from the voices of the American public, they, in an effort to save face, reluctantly lowered the flag at the the white house to honor those who were killed by this ISLAMIC RADICAL TERRORIST ATTACK in Tennessee.

By not immediately canceling his plans to party till the sun came up,  forgoing the opportunity stroke himself, (ego wise) with a live appearance on a comedy show, or passing on raising more funds for the Democratic party, (a political party who incidentally is made up of a very significant number of people who share his complete lack of respect for America’s military, or America as a whole), Obama left those who died in Chattanooga behind just as surely as he left the four Americans behind in Benghazi.

He left four behind in Benghazi, and Six behind in Chattanooga.  America, if you don’t stand up and fight now for what is RIGHT TODAY, I have to wonder if you will when ISLAMIC RADICAL TERRORISTS come calling in your cities and towns tomorrow, because clearly our government, specifically our “President” doesn’t give a rats ass about Americans, or America.

I am Passionate Pachyderms, and on behalf of our over 2.5 million members, I Tell It Like It IS!






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