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Recently, I received a Facebook post from someone declaring he had just finished addressing and mailing letters to 27 of the largest environmentalist, Green, Libertarian, Conservative, Republican, and Tea Party groups, proposing all collectively give up their individual agendas, firmly held beliefs, and convictions, then compromise with each other,  agree to sell out all their individual principles and positions, and get into one big happy bed together, in hopes of forming a third party strong enough to mount a significant challenge against the current two party system .

Because this post was on MY page, I felt free to, even compelled to, comment in my usual forthright brutally honest fashion.


I explained that while I commended him for thinking outside the box, and being motivated enough to take some sort of action, in my opinion it was unlikely that we’d see the leaders of these groups,  jumping into bed together to make beautiful music as they coexist and try to create a viable organization capable of mounting a third party challenge. I admitted that “I could be wrong” but warned that I doubted that was the case.


I did my best to be gentle and overcame the urge to point out the very significant flaws in his plan mainly because, “typically” one person making some effort,  is better than no one making any effort.  This is true in 99.5 of 100 cases, and in those cases, that effort should be commended.


However,  this was not one of those 99.5% types. The individual responded to my comment with an attack. He began with telling me, “I know you’ve NEVER done ANYTHING, or made ANY effort to change the current political climate, or downward spin our country is in.”


Clearly the wrong words to say to the Matriarch of Passionate Pachyderms…The Matriarch who has not only been one of many fighting on the front lines for the past 8 years, but one who has also been one of those leading the charge.


The ridiculous nature of this statement from someone who clearly knows NOTHING about Passionate Pachyderms our members, is clueless as to the extent of our involvement and/or financial support of nearly every major battle in states across the country, as well as those fought on a national level is laughable!


Someone like this who hasn’t bothered to spend  two minutes looking at our multiple FB and TPC pages, member lists, or web sites, and cannot even begin to conceptualize the amount of time, effort, risk, intestinal fortitude, money, dedication, and sacrifice that has been given freely by the mind blowing number of our members, and by us as the founders and leaders of Passionate Pachyderms, not to mention the Patriots, and freedom loving Americans who support our efforts across the country, it’s people like this who marginalize the phenomenal accomplishments that many of us have worked our collective buts off to achieve.


I will NOT allow anyone, known or unknown,  whether he be some well meaning individual who is uninformed and ignorant of the efforts of those involved in the battle for our country, our Constitution and our Freedom, or  the president of the United States who chooses to call the outrages we’ve fought/risen up against, “Phony manufactured Crisis,” to marginalize all we have accomplished and the miles we have traveled together in our efforts to keep Americans informed, ready, and willing to fight the moment they see or hear the alerts and alarms being sounded.  The fact that there are still so many individuals out there, bent upon marginalizing us and our abilities, irritates me like a thorn stuck and festering  in my big old Pachyderm paw..


Over the past few days, I’ve turned this over in my head,  considered it from every possible vantage point. That said, I’ve opted to share my thoughts with all of you about this individual, and those like him.


Those who stomp their feet because,  in their spectacularly obtuse minds, nothing happens fast enough,  or drastically enough to suit them.  This is also for those who vocally complain, “No one is doing anything.”


They say things like this because they personally haven’t been “briefed” on all thatIS in fact being done by individuals, organizations,  groups, their members and their fearless leaders all over the country.


 In other words,  because they themselves have chosen not to be involved, or become informed,  and remain blissfully ignorant of the truly heroic, monumental efforts and sacrifices made by  individuals who, according to them,  have “never done anything, to change the direction of things, and have not accomplished actually achieving anything.” Like, oh say… the 2010 elections, the ongoing fight against Obamacare, the continuing battle against illegal immigration and amnesty,  awareness of Benghazi, Fast and furious, the ongoing battle to retain our second amendment right to bear arms, our first amendment right to free speech, the ongoing demands for fiscal responsibility in government, smaller more streamlined government and lower taxes. The outing of illegal activities perpetrated by organizations which have been /are supported predominantly by Government with your tax dollars and mine, such as the mighty ACORN.


Exposing the illegal/immoral actions of elected government officials like Anthony Weiner,  and making sure they are removed from office. Informing citizens of the United States about things like the cost of the Obama’s little family “vacations,” The Obama’s most recent African Vacation for example, cost you and I over 100 million dollars for 10 days!  This at a time when most hard working American families haven’t been able to afford to pay attention, let alone go on vacation. When  many Americans are losing their homes,  finding it more and more impossible to support their own families, and when people are being forced to take unpaid furlough days in order to rein in Government spending, those leading our government find absolutely nothing wrong with holding grandiose parties, spending obscene amounts of our money on frivolous outings, financing their own political campaigns. Committing Tax evasion,  spying on the American people illegally, targeting political/ religious groups for delays and tax audits because they oppose the current administration, and this is but a few!


  We together with these folks, and millions more have worked, and continue to work tirelessly to accomplish exposing all of this, and more, as what I’ve listed barely scratches the surface.


We do it without recognition, without being paid, often without help, and frequently without funding, which means, yes,  we are spending our own money to fight these battles for the greater good, and even for the benefit of those who would point those ungrateful fingers at us and have the audacity to say, “I know you haven’t done anything to make a difference.”


This too is for those who incessantly complain about how bad things are, and demand that “someone do something” in one breath,  then refuse to lift a finger to help,  donate funds ,  make phone calls or even stand passing out flyers or help educate others about what they can do to change them.  To the ones who scream the loudest about the price of gas, yet when asked, refuse to attend a rally in support of fracking, because they heard Al Gore say it’s killing polar bears.


For those who live off of the tax dollars of you and I, whining about the lack of good jobs in the United States, then oppose industry like mining, or manufacturing because, among other reasons, “it may threaten tourism” and “create traffic issues due to increased trucking traffic from those mines,” in areas which very few choose as vacation destinations, let alone visit unless they have to. Where unemployment is double,  in some cases triple that of the national average, due to their remote geography,  and lack of industry, and where poverty is rampant.  


It’s for all those who have it entrenched in their heads, that fixing the insidious mess that this country is in,  can be accomplished by simply taking some absurdly impossible, (or simplistic) action, that in their mind, ought to be as easy as letting their dog out to relieve it’s self, but in fact is a plan completely unrealistic, unconstitutional, illegal, illogical, or wrought with catastrophic consequences they haven’t yet even considered.


For those who are positively clueless about procedures that must be followed, hoops that have to be jumped through, obstacles that must be cleared, and hurdles that have to be overcome, and won’t listen when they are spelled out or explained.. For those who can’t/won’t understand that contingency plans must be in place and ready to be implemented for any/all imaginable road blocks/problems encountered along the way which could theoretically pop up at any point sending everything back to the beginning, forcing us all to begin all over again.


Where have you been?


Where were you when we said “You don’t even know this guy, how can you possibly vote for him to lead this country?”


Where were you when we asked who he was and where he came from?


What did you say when we told you he refused to produce any record of his life?


What did you do when we told you he pals around with Terrorists like Bernadine Dorn and Bill Ayers?


Where did you hide your head and what did you stick in your ears when we screamed he has no experience in actually LEADING anything?


Where were you hiding when we gathered in Washington D.C. on two days notice to prevent implementation of Obamacare?


Where were you when 2.5 million of us gathered in Washington D.C. to Restore Honor to our country?


We missed you in Washington D.C. the other 18 times we visited in 7 years, We missed you in South Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia Wisconsin, in Texas, and in Florida, we didn’t see you in Colorado, Michigan, North Carolina, or California, Utah, or Nevada either.


The folks in Iowa said you never showed, and those in Nebraska and Wyoming said they hadn’t seen you either. Those in North Dakota never heard from you, Indiana needed your help, but you never showed, Alabama threw out their welcome mat, but you never crossed their threshold .


 Arkansas didn’t expect you, but needed you none the less,


Missouri wanted to show you the way, but never got the chance. Mississippi opened their gates in hopes you might show,


 they figured you were up north somewhere in the snow. Oklahoma and Kansas said you didn’t pass their way, perhaps you were busy somewhere else on those days.


Washington State was in need of a hand, Oregon could have used your help too, but by then most of the country had learned not to count on you.


Arizona under siege needed us all, in fact they still do, Sheriff Joe and his Posse know they can count on us even if they can’t count on you.


From Main to Maryland West Virginia, Kentucky,  and Tennessee too


 we never stopped watching, but we never saw you.


 Hawaii and Alaska they looked  for you too, when they said you weren’t there either, we said “that’s nothing new,”


We traveled the country from sea to shining sea, we found lots of patriots, Americans through and through, we looked high and low but we never saw YOU.



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