Monumental For Any Other President

There are many things I admire about President Trump and some things I don’t like about him. I think for most people this is common if they are honest. I could make this statement about many politicians and many Americans as I could say conversely there are many things I don’t like about someone and a few I do like about them.

When President Trump was elected there is no doubt that DC was not ready for this sort of change. They tried at first to get rid of him during the campaign, and then once he was sworn in, they continued to try and get rid of him. Most politicians would spend all their hours trying to defend themselves and would get very little done. With our President, not only did he defend himself, but he got a tremendous amount done besides. Some of the many achievements were getting rid of the healthcare mandate and penalties, building a portion of the wall and dramatically increasing the spending on advanced military hardware to protect and defend our nation.

These are all fantastic things and most presidents if they got that done in 8 years it would be incredible, but Trump got it done in 3. However, that is not the thing, that to me will be his lasting legacy. What President Trump, in 3 short years, managed to do with court appointments, in cooperation with the Senate, is the real game changer and the liberals know it. This is why they are continuing with the Impeachment charade and the mainstream media spends 24/7 bashing, demeaning and doing all they can to put out lies and falsehoods about him. What they don’t realize, and may never be able to accept, is the way the media is being played. His tweets are often designed to distract the media and get them off and running about whatever subject he tweeted, while he goes about getting things done.

President Trump has made two United States Supreme Court Justice appointments. He did not appoint these two judges because they were Trump yes men, or because they were ultra conservatives who would over turn Roe vs Wade, but instead appointed them because they were constitutional scholars who would rule based on the rule of law and not be activists on the court. Let me briefly explain what an activist judge is. An activist judge makes decisions based on personal beliefs and what they would to see changed, rather than what the law says. This has been the way the liberals have gotten around laws that are in their way for the social change they want. They shop for a judge that is friendly to their way of thinking, and then file a lawsuit to get something stopped or changed. They use this tactic very successfully close to elections by challenging a rule about voting. The law have often been on the books for months but they wait until just before the election, resulting in a judge ruling in their favor with no chance of the opposition being heard before the election.

Now just the fact that he has managed to change SCOTUS is incredible, but he has also shaped the US Circuit Courts. The President has now appointed 1 in 4 of the Circuit judges and these are lifetime appointments. This has allowed Federal Prosecutors to bring cases with confidence they will have fair chance at getting much needed convictions, rather than a new ruling on a case that has never been done before and has no basis in law.

The President has taken a giant step in getting America back to the rule of law and not the rule of feelings. For these very reasons I feel not only has he Made America Great Again, he has helped to ensure it will continue to be Great.

I am Chuck Pithy and I tell it like it is!

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