The Missing Elements In The Trump Protest Reporting


The past 24 hours have brought about a remarkable change in our political system. For the first time since the Democratic Convention in 1968, coincidentally in Chicago, we have groups physically disrupting a political event. Now according to the left and to the DNC they were certain it was just a matter of time before the Teaparty went crazy and did something like this. Sorry folks, it was not the Teaparty, it was not AFP, it was not anyone associated the Koch brothers, instead it was two well funded groups, and Black Lives Matter both with ties to George Soros.

While they have the right to protest Donald Trump’s positions on things or the GOP positions on things, they do not have the right to go into an assembly paid for by Donald Trump and disrupt things physically. This was not a peaceful protest, this was an intent to intimidate and do harm. No doubt they are trying to create an environment where Trump supporters stop coming to his rallies due to safety concerns.

Many many people are saying that Donald Trump with his rhetoric has brought this on himself. I disagree strongly with this premise. People who follow and support Trump knew that when he was saying these things it was not to incite things, they were said in jest.

First, “Mr Constitution” Ted Cruz, during an interview stated that Donald Trump has to accept part of the blame for these incidents, but never acknowledging this is against the first amendment. Sorry but even if you if you believe that, you are missing an element in all people, which is called free will. Just as these protesters decided to disrupt and do harm, they could just as easily decided not to disrupt and do harm. However because they were paid, it was not free will, it was a financial incentive, offered by groups.

Second, Marco Rubio and John Kasich, both parroted the same talking points as if they never thought about free will or acknowledging that it was not the rhetoric that brought these people there, rather it was money.

Third, for these three other GOP candidates, now that these groups have saw how effective disrupting h Donald Trump rallies can be, you can bet they will soon move to your campaign rallies too, so be prepared.

Fourth, Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have both stated more or less that Donald Trump is getting what he deserves. So if you expect by voting for them your rights under the constitution will be protected, guess again.

Lastly, where is the DNC statement condemning this assault on free speech. I can tell you where it is, nowhere, because they condone and encourage it. It would not even surprise me if they suggested it to these groups.

More and more our freedoms on the right are being taken away by invented freedoms on the left. This needs to stop and stop now.

One last point, sorry Hillary but these are not spontaneous protests born from an internet video!

I am Chuck Pithy and I tell it like it is!

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