Memo to the GOP Leaders and Elected Officials:

Get with it, or be prepared to get the hell out of our house.                                                                    By: Passionate Pachyderms®                                                                                                                                                  


Recently  Rush Limbaugh said the following in answer to a female caller who felt all hope was lost and she could no longer find it within herself to fight for something that it appeared we would never be able to make happen.

“If the party that you support was actually engaged in pushing back every day and informing and educating and standing for something, you wouldn’t feel lost. You wouldn’t feel despondent. You wouldn’t feel as though the deck’s stacked and you don’t have a chance.”


I listened to the woman caller and stewed about what she had said all weekend as we attended and helped facilitate the “Rally For Common Sense in Jefferson City Missouri” I came home exhausted, but still fuming over this callers words, and decided it was time to add some  BRUTALLY HONEST commentary of my own. I posted this on Rush’s page, and I am sharing it with all of you here at Passionate Pachyderms.

AMEN RUSH!! This is exactly what we’ve been trying to get through to a certain party, whose leaders just can’t or won’t comprehend! LISTEN UP REINCE, ONE MORE TIME, HERE IT IS; The Republican Party has let us down too many times to realistically think that we will trust you on ANYTHING you say now or in the future. We are sick and tired of NOT being listened to. We are tired of telling you, and having you do the exact opposite of what we want you to do. We are tired of being lied to, taken advantage of, and used. We are unwilling to give you the benefit of the doubt any more in hopes that any of you will EVER come to your senses. We’re tired of you dangling a carrot in front of us, and giving us hope that you’ve “seen the light” only to turn your backs on us the next day, and throw in the towel because your too cowardice to fight for what is right!


We are NOT cowards. We will NOT continue to support or elect those who are simply because the Republican Party tells us this person is the lesser of two evils. If those we elect to represent us or our interests are unable or unwilling to stand up, put on their big boy/ girl panties and represent us as we want them to, but instead, consistently back down, then run off to cower in corners and compare the size of the yellow streaks running down each other’s backs, we are telling you RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, PACK YOUR BAGS because you are DONE in politics!


We would much rather have Bob the truck driver, Phil the plumber, and Jennifer the small business owner in those seats because they have stood beside us and fought for their rights and their country. They have shown us they know what we are talking about and what we want in a representative which is far, far more than anything you have shown us.


We sent you all to Washington to represent us, to represent our interests, and in many respects, (not all) to do our bidding. With few exceptions, most of you have failed miserably and accomplished none of those things.


You have ignored us, you have belittled us, and forgotten us. You have coward in fear at the thought of growing spines, and you have failed to act in our best interests far too consistently for us to continue to allow it with impunity.


When the majority of American people tell you over and over again they do not want OBAMACARE,  when EVERYTHING we predicted would happen as a result of it’s implementation begins to come to pass, it is your job, indeed your DUTY to stand your ground, dig in your heels, refuse to budge, and repeal or completely defund it at ANY cost, not play games, speak out of both sides of your mouth, or trade one thing for another both selling out the Americans who put you in office, and relishing in the financial gain those sell outs net you personally… This horse trading is what has gotten this country where we currently find ourselves, and it MUST STOP NOW!


In the next 13 months there is an ARMY of boots on the ground who are organized and willing to give EVERYTHING they have to make sure you NEVER get the chance to betray us again, and each of us are committed to making sure that we have FIGHTERS in office going forward. FIGHTERS who are real people, with real families, who know what loyalty means, who know how to stand their ground, and are willing to STAND and FIGHT rather than back down and wet themselves.


So mark my words, Reince, you won’t be getting our donations, we won’t be coming into those county offices to make phone calls, we won’t be dropping your lit on the door steps of our neighbors for you. We won’t be delivering your campaign signs, or attending those campaign events, or spending our money to support your candidates who have spent their lives stabbing us in the back and refusing to stand their ground.


We’ll be supporting Bob, and Phil, and Jennifer. And when you begin to feel a sense of panic, and opt to go on your filth finding missions, to out information about things those individuals, and they did 20 or 30 years ago, we’ll laugh at your desperate attempts to play the game by the same old tired worn out rules that don’t matter, and won’t work anymore.


We’ll point to those mistakes, and embrace them, we’ll hold them up as badges of honor, as examples of things that imperfect people do, that shapes and teaches us, making us who we are. And when the dust settles, and the winds of REAL change blow with the power of every RED BLOODED AMERICAN behind them, we will have cleaned the house and be on our way to cleaning the senate as well.


We’ve been RIGHT about EVERYTHING, from what you needed to do to win, to what would happen if you ignored us, you KNOW we’re right this time as well. So the only question you need to ask yourself right now is…. “Do ya feel lucky punk, do ya?”

Get with it, or be prepared to get the hell out of our house! I am Passionate Pachyderms, and we are The Brutally Honest Elephants In EVERY Room.

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