Media Matters and the Mainstream Media, Hypocrite Much?

Controlling the Narrative by Censoring Conservatives


While Liberal Celebrities are allowed to say anything they want on Twitter or other media platforms, no matter how hateful, independent conservative news sites are being banned on Twitter and Youtube for trying to spread the truth American Citizens won’t hear on Mainstream Media. If this doesn’t sound Hypocritical, maybe it’s time to get out your dictionary, or look up the definition of the word Hypocrite online. Is it Fair to Americans that Youtube is allowing the Southern Law and Poverty Center to be their sole censoring authority on Youtube? This just proves how far Youtube will go to censor independent conservative media. So who is censoring Liberal hate speech on Youtube, or any other media platform? That’s right, None! They are allowed to say pretty much whatever they want. Even though facebook says they just reviewed their policy and found no bias, I know a few people that were punished by facebook for stating conservative views by having their pages temporarily placed in limbo, until their sentence has passed.


To those that believe the Democrats, Media Matters and the Democrat Media Complex are Pro America, think again. Why have previous Presidential Administrations been signing Trade Agreements that are unfair to America, and encourage American Corporations to move manufacturing operations to foreign countries? I’ll tell you; Displaced workers are left without suitable employment that will support their families, and have to go on Federal and State funded cash and food Assistance. A Citizenry dependent on the government is easier to control by that same government. A Democrat controlled government that would like nothing better than to discard the US Constitution in favor of giving America, it’s resources, and especially it’s Citizenry to a One World Government.


Why does the Mainstream Media say nothing of the Previous Administration’s intentional weakening of America, or especially the criminal conduct of the Clinton’s, when they have committed Real Crimes, and have profited greatly off of taxpayers they were elected to represent, (and didn’t)? Think about it, even when the Trump Administration does something great for America, the above media outlets would rather spend a 24 hrs news cycle talking about how the President used two hands to drink from a bottle of water, than report any of the positive accomplishments of President Trump and his Administration?


George Soros, a WW II era Nazi, and his organization Media Matters are controlling Mainstream Media, and what is being reported, and thought by millions of Americans. How is this not a monopoly of the American News Media. America, as a whole, should be outraged at the Democrat Party for aligning themselves with a former Nazi and Media Matters. If you’ve never heard of Saul Alinsky, maybe it’s time to look him up. Saul Alinsky is respected by the Democrat Party, and was a mentor to Hillary Clinton, just like Senator Robert Byrd was Hillary Clinton’s Mentor. Don’t forget, Robert Byrd was a known Ku Klux Klan member and leader. Saul Alinsnky believed that when you’re involved in illegal or unethical behavior, accuse your oppenent of the same behavior to deflect from the original illegal or unethical behavior, even if it means making up criminal behavior of your opponents, or misdirection.

Conservatives are not the racists in America, Democrats and the mainstream media only tells Americans this to deflect from their own racism. Here’s a little history lesson for you: Every single Democrat voted against ending slavery, Every Single Democrat in Congress voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and Every Single Democrat voted against giving African American Citizens the Right to Vote in 1965. It’s obvious to me who the Real Racists in America are.


The Democrat Media Complex and Media Matters are controlling on what you are being told on the news. If that doesn’t make you Furious, then maybe you should move to a communist or socialist country, You’ll feel right at home being told what to believe by government propagandists. In a Democratic Republic like America, this is Intolerable!

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