Did The Mainstream Media Cause The Beheadings?

by…Chuck Pithy


While I am not saying that the mainstream media held the weapon and beheaded one of their own, a case certainly could be made that they were complicit.


For the past 6 years, journalist have stopped doing their job as investigative reporters and instead have accepted, without question, anything this administration says. Just a few examples are, how they did everything they could to minimize the gun running scandal resulting in two boarder agents being killed by guns supplied by the U.S. Government. Another example is how quickly they grabbed onto the administration line that the Benghazi attack was the result of a spontaneous video (on youtube with less than 100 views at the time) and there was no way any military rescue could have been launched. the result of the attack was 4 dead Americans and nothing more done. Now we have a decorated U.S. Marine who is being held in Mexico on gun charges which everyone knows is wrong. The administration has sat on its hands and stated that they are doing what they can to see he is treated fairly. But the most telling thing was the praise heaped on the president for trading 5 high level terrorists for one soldier who quite possibly was a deserter. The media thought this was the greatest thing since sliced bread because in their mind is showed negotiation is better than force.


The media time after time accepts and helps spread the lies of this administration. But far worse is how the administration is praised for downsizing the Military and for constantly seeking diplomatic solutions instead of taking strong actions. They have not only helped the administration sell to the American public that there is no need for fighting or wars, I think they actually believe it themselves.


Now the actions of Isis has taken on the characteristics of a bully. One of the things we know about bullies is they go after the weak so they can be sure they always win. And they keep proving over and over to those they bully that they are stronger and superior. Bullies rarely negotiate nor do sanctions work against them.



I am Chuck Pithy and I tellit like it is!!! it like it is!

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