A Law Breaker Rewards The Criminals



by …. Chuck Pithy


Unfortunately, the chief enforcer of the laws of our nation, our President, has decided to reward criminals. Yes, whether the left wants to admit it or not, those illegal aliens, (they are not undocumented immigrants because that would mean they were here legally) have broken the law. To compare illegal aliens, with my grandfather, who came through Ellis Island and became a citizen is not only disingenuous, but frankly it is insulting to everyone who came to this country illegally.


Now the President tried to tug on our heart strings by citing a woman who is an illegal alien who could not get to her grandmother’s funeral. The woman could have gone to her grandmother’s funeral, she just could not have returned to break the law once again. Interesting how his example was a woman who was working on her third degree and not someone who in his words “picks our fruit and makes our beds”.


My next question is what will be his next step. The President claims this is not a path to citizenship but considering all the lies he has told us before (Obamacare) how can we trust this is the end of it. I can easily seeing another address to the nation where he states that it is unfair and unjust for those here legally (i.e. green card) not to have a say in our government so he will sign an order giving those with a green card the legal right to vote.


With the left, one action is never the end of the problem; it is always a small step to correcting the problem. There will be another step to be “fairer” to these criminals, and then another and another until they have achieved what they want, which in this case, is full citizenship for all illegal aliens.


This President claims that his executive order is the same that every other President has done for the past 50 years. He is wrong and what he is failing to admit is that this order is not a clarification or expansion of an existing law, this is a law he has created all on his own.


Last but not least how do we know this will only affect 5 million illegals? If they are not registered any place and there is no registry for them, then how do we know how many there are? I am guess this is similar to my healthcare plan will save the average family $2,500.00 a year in health insurance costs. Not only did we not save money, but costs skyrocketed. Mark my words, this 5 million illegals number will also skyrocket over the next year and the left will be so proud of finding even more criminals to help.


I am Chuck Pithy and I tell it like it is.



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