Killery’s Paid Henchmen To Spend $800 Thousand On Disrupting GOP Convention


Hacker Gucifer2 broke into the DNC mainframe several weeks ago and discovered a treasure trove of information the Democrats no doubt are wishing they’ed deleted in much the same way their presidential candidate Hillary Clinton deleted tens of thousands of her SOS emails.

Gucifer was then kind enough to leak the information, including plans and the budget for their paid henchmen to disrupt the GOP Convention in Cleveland to the public.

I don’t know about most of you, but I feel it is an indication of the sort of people working for the queen of RATS when they are instructed to not only plan and budget for the disruption of the GOP Convention, but to plan on spending nearly a million dollars to do it.

You can find a list of proposed plans in this article published by The Smoking Gun found here,

And the break down of their planned expenses published by The Gateway Pundit found here,

Color me RED, but as a Conservative, I find the fact that the DNC is spending nearly a million dollars of the money hard working Americans have donated to them in support of their (in my not so humble opinion) misguided platform more than a little disturbing.

I know, many of you are thinking, “who cares, they are Democrats”, but stick with me for a minute and you’ll understand where I am coming from. Many of the Americans who took out their check books and mailed the DNC $$ as a result of one of their not so subtle fund raising letters are good people, though seriously misguided. Some brainwashed by years of Union meetings and lies about how the Democrats are the party who cares about the poor, the minorities, the inner city youth, and of course the “working man or woman”.

These folks aren’t bad, they are just mis-informed, or uninformed, so when they write those checks, they do so with the intent that the money they are sending is going towards supporting their candidate, not paying for a band of paid thugs to be bussed into the city of Cleveland with the sole purpose of creating chaos, riots, disruptions, and quite possibly violent confrontations.

Those folks are disgusted when they see that sort of thing on the evening news, imagine their shock when they find out they are the ones who paid to make it happen!

Now lest you all think I’ve lost my mind, and am some how sympathizing with the RATS, you couldn’t be more wrong! I write this because as I read through the above articles and others like them, it occurred to me that perhaps as GREAT AMERICAN CONSERVATIVES, we should take it upon ourselves to let those folks know what their money is being spent on, and who is writing the checks for it to happen.

So here’s the proof you need gang, take it, share the hell out of it, and make sure you do so on all those pages and web sites those Democratic grandma’s and grandpa’s frequent. Let them know their hard earned money is going to pay for civil unrest sanctioned, encouraged and paid for by the DEMOCRATIC PARTY and their leaders. Leaders like lying, cheating, law breaking, irresponsible, careless, KILLERY and her ilk. Then ask them, ” Do you really want to see this country turned into a lawless nation of paid thugs and crooked politicians with no respect for the law and doing what’s right? Or, do you want to see an America that is GREAT AGAIN, respected around the world again, and feared by terrorists like Isis? The choice is yours to make, but we thought you should know what your money is being spent on.”



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