Karl Rove And The T-Rex; Should The Tea Party Capitulate To The GOP?

   By Ken Crow

Has Karl Rove gone the way of the T-Rex? Rove once known for his campaign prowess, is without question one of the top fundraisers in the country for his Super-PAC’s for what he viewed as good investments in the last two election cycles. Today after dozens of losses in what should have been fairly easy victories, Rove would rather blame the Tea Party for his architectural failures.

Rather than looking in the mirror and realizing that he might not be accurate about his gauging the pulse of the American people. He would rather blame the very grassroots volunteers that could have helped him achieve victory. Rather than realize his choice of who he is investing those hundreds of millions in, is in fact a very bad choice, his egomaniacal nature is what is actually causing the fracturing of the Republican Party and causing those losses. Karl Rove would do well to ask a college professor what happened to the T-Rex.

Supposedly somewhere back when Al Gore was theorizing about global warming or maybe it was when he was inventing the Internet, the earth was hit by an asteroid or a meteor  or something. It created this giant cloud that caused the sunlight to be blocked, thus killing off the dinosaur’s. That is exactly what Mr. Rove and his minions are about to do to the GOP.

Rove’s newest venture is a Super-PAC named “Conservative Victory Project”. Its sole function is to target races where “Tea Party” candidates are in a primary with a more moderate “main-stream” Republicans. We all witnessed what Rove and his “American Crossroads” PAC did back in 2012. They managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory on many occasions. Having run some 82,000 televisions advertisements and donated some $300,000,000.00 to the networks, Rove came out looking like a high school football coach trying to coach the Patriots in the Superbowl. Between being investigated for perjury on the PAC’s IRS returns and his outlandish remarks regarding the destruction of the Tea Party, it is no wonder Rove is despised amongst the conservatives. In the end, this is my personal assessment of Karl Rove and his merry band of Washington idiots.

Keep blowing Sheldon and Foster’s money Karl. Keep running around and bashing great Americans that love their nation. You call us names, you insult our intelligence and you arrogantly form a Super-PAC with a purpose of putting us out of business. The point your missing “you arrogant snob” is this. WE ARE GRASSROOTS! We have nothing to destroy! What are you going to do; bankrupt a non for profit C3? You will not change our minds with $300 million in television advertising. You tried that, it didn’t work out so well did it?


ADVICE FOR KARL: you might try meeting with some Tea Party leaders and come to an agreement on exactly whom should be supported. This might actually be a way for you to not waste hundreds of millions of other people’s money on your ideology of what you think a conservative should look like. Your days of glory are over Mr. Rove. President George W. Bush won his elections long ago and he is now retired and being a statesman. You’re still running around trying to be an architect with a worn out slide rule and a broken pencil. No the Tea Party should not capitulate to the GOP.

If the GOP establishment is stupid enough to continue to allow you to be their strategist, we will be victorious in the end. You cannot manipulate us and you cannot out spend us.Our votes are not for sale and our votes are based upon moral principles Mr. Rove. You will continue to lose and sadly, when you lose America loses. For the fact is Karl, all you’re doing is assisting the Democrats in victory. Don’t forget to send Nancy a Christmas card. PS; That asteroid cloud you’re about to be enveloped in, that was actually a herd of hacked of conservative elephants carrying a yellow flag with a snake on it.

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