John McCain Owes The United States An Apology

When any politician puts their political party before those who elected them, it is time for them to resign.  I will cite a specific example.  John McCain was being interviewed on Fox about the shut down in government. He stated that all the House was doing with the Obamacare defunding, was hurting the GOP.  Then he further outraged people by being condescending to Sen. Cruz, saying, “Nobody has fought harder against Obamacare than I have. I was crisscrossing the country campaigning  for Mitt Romney. In fact I was fighting Obamacare before some of these guys were even elected.”  That was a direct insult to Ted Cruz and for that alone he owes Sen. Cruz an apology.  Furthermore, Sen. McCain,  when you ran for President in 2008, nobody in the country understood your healthcare proposal, nor, could you even explain it.

Sen. McCain, just admit, your efforts and your way of fighting Obamacare was a dismal failure.  If it wasn’t a failure, then why, do we still have Obamacare?  What Sen. Paul and Sen. Cruz did was bring the issue out on the open, and at least, get the discussion before the American public.

If Sen. McCain, his pal Sen. Graham, and others like him want to help the GOP here is a simple phrase to remember.  Lead, follow, or shut up and get out of the way!!!  All you have done is add fuel to the fire and help the liberals dig in their heels even more.  Stop representing the Republican Party and start representing the American people.

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