Is Jeb Bush really our Presidential nominee? Say it ain’t so!

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Everyone in the Tea Party nation across America knows full well what happened to us in 2012. It didn’t matter what we said, who we liked or voted for in the primaries. It was as if the powers in the ivory towers had pre-ordained Governor Mitt Romney to be the nominee, and we knew it in our hearts. And we saw the results on election night when millions did not show up to vote for the establishment nominee. Are we now watching Deja-Vu happening, only this time with Jeb Bush in lieu of Mitt?

Allow me to explain why I know this might be happening. A little bird (yes, I know my name is Crow, but a different bird), told me of something very disturbing that recently happened in Des Moines, Iowa. It seems that some “High” ranking; and when I say high ranking, I mean very high ranking GOP operatives, slipped very quietly into town in the dark of the night. They parked their private jet at the corporate hanger, jumped in an SUV and landed in a hotel suite in downtown Des Moines, Iowa. They met with Iowa’s hierarchy from the Grand Old Party and the topic of the conservation was two fold. Keep in mind the little bird was actually in the room. The topics covered were thus.

1. The need to begin seeing old Jeb Bush become more vocal and visible on major topics in Iowa. Yes, Jeb has put in several appearances over the last 6 months in the corn capitol of America.

2. Sell old Jeb Bush to the large political financiers in Iowa. In other words, begin the arm twisting to get the big checks.

3. Sell the orange juice state Governor to the Iowa establishment.

On all accounts they were successful. Allow me to give you the elitist reasoning for Bush that was stated in this crypto top secret shin dig in Des Moines.

Since Jeb was a fairly successful governor, they think they can sell him to America. He speaks Spanish fluently and we all know how concerned the establishment is over the Hispanic vote. He is married to a Latino, thus ingratiating himself further to the Hispanic voter bloc or so they think. He is pro Common Core which is a big deal to the Beltway bunch. He did do a pretty good job with the economy down in the Sunshine State and he is establishment and will tow the line. He is not a loose grenade (tongue in cheek)  like a Rick Perry, Ted Cruz or Rand Paul.

A couple of points I do want to make here. It is becoming even more apparent; contrary to what Speaker John Boehner said today, (regarding the conservative factions and Obamacare) that the GOP doesn’t give a rats tail what we in the Tea Party think. They believe they know best. They would rather try to conform to what the Democrats have convinced them the American people want rather than what the people actually do want. Let me be clear on what America is actually seeking here. We want someone that is John Wayne tough with the Middle East and Americas interest, has Dr. Billy Grahams moral compass and Ronald Reagan’s patriotism and oration ability. Simple right? Bush is none of the above!

Lastly; this part was really disturbing to me. Another little bird called me a couple of days ago and was very distraught. It seems they had walked into a café a couple of blocks from the Capitol in D. C.. Sitting in the corner and almost holding hands and speaking very quietly were none other than Senator’s John McCain and Ted Cruz. This person asked me “what could they possibly be talking about”? The only thing I could think of was that “the old rooster was attempting to school the young buck on how things work in D.C.”. I honestly have no idea, but I do pray that Senator Cruz keeps up the good work and doesn’t back down to the old rooster.

American Patriots; The point of this little tale of chirping little birds is that we must keep the pressure up. Keep up the Tweeting, Facebook work, calling, emailing and sending letters. In fact, solicit some friends and expand the efforts. We must keep the pressure up until we can begin replacing the moderates, fence sitters and jelly hearted politico’s. Get to work America, we still have a long way to go!

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