It’s a Republican thing, we don’t understand. Part 2, County GOP adopts the Czar thing Obama does so well!

by SheboyganGops PassionatePachyderm Hqts on Wednesday, February 1, 2012 at 10:00pm · 



Just a bit of back ground, at the January 2011 Caucus, a new constitution was presented, voted on and approved. It called for the election of a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and four(4) at large board positions. This change from the previous nine(9) at large board positions, to four (4) was pushed by one individual, this individual’s argument was that the current board was too large, and a smaller one would be much easier to “control.

Because it was one of the “Elite chosen ones” who wanted the change, it was presented as a positive, and there was no need to consider it, or discuss it.  Of course it was immediately approved, done, and over with, no need for any further discussion about the matter.

Now fast forward 1 (one) year, to the January 28,  2012 SCRP Caucus.

A tiny, minor amendment was offered, almost as a sudden, unplanned revelation, after all, it was just a teeny, tiny, little amendment.

What this amendment called for, was to give 

When a member attempted to raise a question from the floor, the member was first ignored. When other members called attention to the fact that this person had indicated the desire to ask a question, and/or discuss the matter further, the member was begrudgingly recognized and called upon.

He wanted to know, why this change was needed, because, he pointed out, the current constitution had just been changed regarding the matter last year, and that change had been approved by the membership at caucus, giving this particular individual the smaller more 
“controllable” board she had insisted was needed.

At this point, the same individual who,  just last year, pushed for a smaller, easier to “control” board, became very defensive, apparently the smaller more controllable board,  no longer suited her desired purpose.

She remarked, that now, the small board 
“forced a few people to do all the work, and there was just so much needing to be done, it was impossible for so few people to accomplish keeping track of so much, and getting so many things done.”

In an attempt to justify what she was saying as she became increasingly defensive, she continued,  “several members of the board elected last year  resigned, which, at times, during the year reduced the board to only five members, and that wasn’t enough to get things done. “



Passionate Pachyderms finds this statement particularly interesting coming from this individual. In light of the fact that, it just so happens, she was sole member of the nominating committee, she chose the members, and she chose the number of them for the new Board. 

The next question that was asked was, “Is there a specific number of additional Board members being requested?”

To many Passionate Pachyderms amazement, the Chairman replied, ” No, I want the ability to appoint as many as I want to have to get the job done, and be able to put them in whatever positions I see fit, without questions or limitations.”


In spite of there being additional discussion about the matter coming from the floor, those with concerns and comments were shut down immediately, by the Chairman quickly calling for the vote and taking it in spite of discussion still coming from the floor.  Before the membership realized what was going on, or the ramifications of what they were agreeing to, The motion was voted on and approved, which, was no doubt there intention all along.

The result? The Sheboygan County GOP now will have a board, comprised of  members who will be
appointed, handpicked, chosen NOT elected, just like Obama’s Czars.

SCRP members want to know,  why it is ok for Sheboygan County GOP and not ok for Obama? Passionate Pachyderms wants to know that too!

See what happens when you don’t pay attention to who or what your voting for? HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT CZAR IDEA NOW?

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