It’s a Republican thing, we don’t understand Part 1


by Passionate Pachyderms on Monday, January 30, 2012 at 10:21pm          
Friday January 27th,  we attended the Sheboygan County Republican Party 2012 Caucus, we quickly noticed nothing had changed.  

Though we had been promised otherwise, the new chairman has apparently decided to allow status que, and has no intention of keeping his word, since the same “sovereign”  self aggrandized, individuals remain in positions we were assured they would be kept out of.


Unlike the S.C.R.P, Passionate Pachyderms believes in the importance of keeping ones word. We also believe that, Constitutions, rules and laws, unless worded in a way that specifically states otherwise, are not generally intended to allow those in charge, or their “chosen ones” the luxury of deciding  when, or IF those rules and laws will be followed. They are intended to be adhered to by everyone, all the time.
We don’t believe it’s acceptable for any individual occupying an executive board, or committee chair position, to make rules or laws applicable according to their personal whims,  which apply to everyone else, while exempting themselves, or certain other individuals, allowing them the freedom to engage in, “selective compliance.”
This is happening within S.C.R.P., Passionate Pachyderms intends to expose, address, and discuss it openly, and honestly.

If as a Party, we believe this practice to be wrong for the current Liberal POTUS and his  administration to engage in, what exactly, makes it perfectly acceptable for the “chosen few” within a local County Party?  We find selective application and/or compliance unacceptable in both instances.
Similarly, Constitutions, laws, and rules are generally not written, discussed, debated, voted upon, and passed with the intent,  that, any individual, or group of “chosen ones,”  (regardless of their position,) is authorized  to suspend, alter, override, or ignore them, whenever they become inconvenient, or “difficult to work around.”

 Having been involved in the creation of the current S.C.R.P Constitution and By-Laws, several of our Passionate Pachyderms can attest to the fact that, the current S.C.R.P. Constitution does not contain wording that affords any individual the privilege of selective compliance.
This sort of selective compliance, is another of the more egregious things our current president and his administration regularly engage in.
We are committed  to exposing all such actions occurring within any political organization we are active members in good standing of, especially when these inappropriate events take place during a yearly caucus of  its members.


Attempts to object, were ignored. Those who attempted to address concerns were belittled, interrupted, marginalized, and cut off. Those seeking answers to legitimate questions were, rushed,  mislead, patronized, and blatantly lied to,  while others were lied about.
Consequently, as promised, Passionate Pachyderms will be exposing each example of this behavior throughout the coming week, with our usual forthright “brutal honesty.”
Interestingly enough,  these very same transparency, intimidation, answer avoidance issues and tactics are regularly employed by the current POTUS and his administration too.  Tactics which,  are openly condemned by  Republicans and Conservatives alike.

Again we ask, what makes it wrong for Obama, his administration, and the liberals, yet perfectly acceptable within our own Republican Party?  How is it possible that it can be okay in one instance, when Republicans do it,  yet deplorable when liberals do?
For some, none of this will come as any big surprise, or revelation. Others, will take note, and use the information to prepare for when they encounter a similar situation. Regardless of what, if anything, you chose to do with the information, we want to make it clear, our intent is NOT to discourage membership or participation within local county party organizations. Just the opposite. Our intent is for you to use our experience, as an example of how crucially important, and urgent your involvement is  now, and will continue to be within Party Organizations as we progress forward to the coming election, and beyond.

Without your membership and participation, without each of you being present to ask tough questions, demand difficult answers, point out, and object to unacceptable, unconstitutional, unfair practices, the fact is, they will continue, and NOTHING will change. Folks who honestly want to root out the cronyism and corruption within politics, and return honesty, fairness, and integrity to our government, will continue to be alienated, lied to, and about, belittled, manipulated, and marginalized each time they attempt to stand and speak,  if your not there, if your unprepared, or unwilling to back them up. It’s easy to walk away. Sadly, many already have, just look where it’s gotten us.
Buckle up Pachyderms, this may be a bumpy ride!  



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