Introducing Passionate Pachyderms

PPachyderms Playin' in the mudd1

Jen ~AKA Passionate Pachyderms (PP~) 

Is the Matriarch, founder, and leader of “Passionate Pachyderms,” a national political watch dog/action group consisting of more than 2.5 million Conservative Right supporters, friends, Tea Party and Republican Group and Party members & leaders, national talk radio and television personalities, nationally known Conservative Bloggers, national, state and local elected officials, Conservative artists, musicians and writers, Internationally known activists, & speakers, organization executives, and patriots from every state in the nation. Members of the Passionate Pachyderm “herd” speak out with BRUTAL HONESTY, and take action when they see something “WRONG,”  “QUESTIONABLE,” or “CONCERNING” that requires the attention of the American people.

PP~ a six foot tall long blond haired pachyderm with ADHD, has always had a passion for writing. She has spent her life indulging that passion in one form or another in spite of having “fat fingers.” (She is after all, an elephant.) She also has a tendency to use “creative spelling” options. Chances are, if you see a miss-spelled word on this web site, it was typed by the elephant. Feel free to bring it to her attention, but if you do, don’t be offended if you get a Pithy retort, and she won’t be offended because you pointed it out.

As a Matriarch, She is heavily involved in politics on local state and national levels, and travels frequently to Washington D.C. and other places due to that involvement.  She frequently acts as an “Ombudsman” of sorts between the  Grass Roots TEA Party community, and the Republican establishment. She does battle for what is RIGHT with the fierceness of a lion who has little or no concept of failure, and the loyalty / determination of a pachyderm. She keeps her fingers on the pulse of what is happening in our country and the world, and is probably the only elephant you’ll ever hear of who sleeps with C-Span on so she doesn’t “miss anything.”

PP~ is also the Producer and Director of the Passionate Pachyderm videos. She has a keen sense of timing, and a remarkable ability to tell a story without saying a word.. She loves playing in the mud, going fast and feeling the wind in her hair.  She is, without question ALWAYS,  the brutally honest elephant in the room.

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