A Tale Of Two Companies (or The Intellectual Density Of Corporate Management In America)

The incident with A&E Network and the Robertson family over Phil’s benign remarks in the now infamous GQ interview has caused many in the corporate world to act ignorantly.  The corporate heads have acted according to the Left/Progressive narrative.

Their grievous error has elicited a thundering backlash from their customer base.  The best example is that of Cracker Barrel Restaurants.  Cracker Barrel, which is a favorite of many of us, succumbed to the hallucinatory media pressure and removed all of the Duck Dynasty and Duck Commander products that were sold in their stores.

A portion of us mobilized to the Robertson’s defense and pummeled Cracker Barrel with protesting correspondence.  The Mainstream Media, or as I am fond of calling it, the Reichsmedia, placidly assumed that their day of destruction was finished and another mainstream American family and enterprise had been wiped off of the landscape.  Thanks to a rapidly and sincere response, Cracker Barrel relented and apologized, fairly profusely.

That leads us to an example of corporate density and blindness.  Darden Restaurants is debating about selling their Red Lobster chain.  The company cites poor sales performance due to the public attitude toward the corporation’s reaction to the Obamacare law.  However, that is were there error comes to play.  They are operating in the Reichsmedia’s fantasy realm of the Narrative über alles.

I submit a different scenario that is far more grounded in reality.  Given the lesson that Cracker Barrel recently learned, I posit that the following is why Red Lobster’s sales have slumped:


Many have probably forgotten why they have been avoiding Red Lobster.  Red Lobster made the faux pas of playing the repugnant game of the hypocritical “First Lady” only to have repercussions plague them.  They like many other food service institutions went along with the fascist plans and actions of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  The American people have slowly and surely been avoiding the patronization those entities that have been playing ball with those that tell us that we may not do or have something and then do the opposite themselves.

The time has arrived that when the corporate world offends our sense of equality, liberty, freedom, and culture, we must speak up, speak out, and be relentlessly loud about our grievances.  Cracker Barrel has shown us the way and the effectiveness of our cause and our methods of channeling our disgust and anger at their submission to those people and groups in the America and the World that wish to transform our nation into a land and government reminiscent of a state from 1930s and 1940s Continental Europe.

Now is not the time to despair, the Great Spirit has put forth the evidence with which may take encouragement the victory of His and our cause.  We need only to open our eyes and see the victory before us that will manifest only with our observance, diligence, and patience.

We are winning.  We need only to recognize our power and the righteousness of our cause.  We are the last best hope, let us act like it and preserve it for ourselves and those around the planet that seek it.

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