What if…

By: Passionate Pachyderms®                                                                                                        

 What if America woke one morning to find everything they knew to be real and true about their country was gone?

What if everything that generations of their family members, fought for, lived and died to protect so they could pass it along to you, was no more?

What if we all woke to find an entire generation of America’s children uneducated, disrespectful, lazy, irresponsible, and ignorant of the sacrifices made for them, because the schools we sent them to, and many of the teachers we entrusted our children’s education to, were too busy showing blockbuster movies, and complaining to our children and each other, about their lack of significant pay checks and fringe benefits to teach our children what we’d sent them to learn.

What if we awoke to an America where nothing the newspapers and main stream media told us was the truth? Where news worthy events were edited or created to be what our government, news producers, and reporters wanted and created into existence, not what actually was happening.

What if everything we said and did was monitored,? If we were watched via cameras on street corners, in shopping centers parking lots and satellites? What if certain “Buzz” words and key phrases were searched for, and we were investigated for having uttered them in any context, regardless of  the context they were used?  What if, if you were investigated, perhaps even arrested or jailed for having said, or written them to a friend or family member?

What if we woke up in an America where we were no longer free to speak our minds, disagree with our government, and voice our opinions?

What if your phone, your house, your office, and car were bugged without cause or a warrant issued by a judge?

What if Americans woke to find the individual many of them, their friends, family members and neighbors voted for and elected president, had been lying to them all along? Manipulating them, and convincing them to quietly look the other way, say and do nothing, while he took liberties he had no right or authority to take with our country, our constitution, our laws, our safety and our very way of life?

 What if he told you to sit down and shut up? What if he ordered his DOJ not to prosecute certain individuals, and told the FBI to shut up about things they found while investigating those individuals?

What if those individuals held high ranking offices within our government, and were responsible for compromising the SAFTEY of American citizens and our troops for nothing more than their own enrichment and that of others involved within our government?

What if this even went so far as to cause military intelligence officers to falsify documents and give sugar coated reports upon which actions were and were not taken which very likely resulted in loss of life and injury to American troops?

What if all of this was well documented in writing which was then with malice and for thought hidden, deleted, destroyed, or otherwise withheld from the American public in direct violation to current laws of the land?

What if all of this was happening under the noses of the U.S. Congress and Senate, and none of them spoke up? No one stepped up. None of them could or would alert the American people Either because they themselves were too deeply involved, enriched, or cowardly to step forth and do what ever it took to end it?

What if he believed it was within his power to do anything he wanted to, and answer to no one, including target American citizens, both in and out of our own country, and then sit back watching with perverse pleasure, as drones took them out?

What if he bypassed Congress, and boasted about doing it regularly to media, friends, associates and supporters?

What if he belittled supreme court justices in person, and threatened them publicly when things went badly for his plans?

 What if he took away every Right and Liberty the American Constitution is in place to protect, and told you that using his Executive order signing privileges, he had the authority to do anything and everything he wanted, legal or illegal, constitutional or not, and there was NOTHING anyone could do to stop him or his friends?

What if he had signed hundreds, perhaps thousands of Executive Orders over the past four year time period, and what if he did this in preparation for a future we can’t even begin to imagine. A future without FREEDOM. Without FREE SPEECH. Without OPPERTUNITY. Without DIGNITY. Without RIGHTS, and without the United States Constitution as we know it…What if?

What if with those Executive orders he’s been signing, he and his friends who helped create and write them, took away your land, your home, and anything else they deemed necessary?

What if you awoke to find you were no longer allowed to eat or drink what you wanted to, and told you were no longer allowed to decide how much you could have of those things you were allowed to eat and drink?

What if you woke up in an America where your mother, father, spouse, or child, couldn’t have the medications and /or services they needed to live, because the government death panel decided they weren’t worthy of the expense to save or treat. What if they wouldn’t allow it even if you could afford to pay for it yourself, because again, that individual wasn’t worth the expense or resources to treat, or allow to live… then what would you do?

What if you opened your eyes, and the government was telling your teenage daughter that it was perfectly fine to kill your unborn grandchild, that in fact, they would pay for the surgical procedure needed for her to do it without your permission, or knowledge, but, that the same teenage daughter could not take a Tylenol in school for a headache without your permission, and a written order from a doctor detailing how she was to take it, when, and why?

What if you woke without FREEDOM? Without RIGHTS? Without a voice, or the ability to change things?

What if you woke up in an America devoid of Liberty, Justice, or choice in anything you said or did?

Imagine it… Close your eyes and picture THAT America.-

No longer the Land of the FREE, nor Home of the BRAVE.

And as you picture what your existence is~ imagine explaining to your child that the reason he/she will NEVER know what it was like to be free is because YOU choose to be SILENT and do NOTHING as it all happened.

You choose to stay home rather than STAND UP, you choose to ignore rather than listen.

YOU choose to do NOTHING, SEE NOTHING, HEAR NOTHING, and risk EVERYTHING, and EVERYONE you love because you couldn’t be bothered to stand with them and FIGHT.

Now open your eyes, look around… and realize, ALL of what I’ve written here has already come to pass-

How much more has to happen before YOU stand, before YOU speak, before you FIGHT?

Before you wake up, and it’s too late?       What if….. What if, it already is?

What if there was one chance left to stop it. One candidate ordinary Americans supported, but career politicians and media hated and did everything possible to stop because should he be elected, their dirty little secrets would come out in the light of day, and they would be held accountable for all of them, some of them treasonous and punishable by death?

If you think I am exaggerating the very serious nature of what is going on right now under our noses, THINK AGAIN!

The stakes could not possibly be higher, and your attention has never been more important.

Our government is so corrupt even those among us who know it can’t begin to imagine the true extent of it, and our media has been manipulating every bit of information they have fed us for years in collusion with those in government.

These things used to be laughed at, those who uttered the truth called conspiracy theorists, crazies or worse, and yet just a short decade later, you fine yourself living in an America where it’s all true, it’s all happening, and still your sitting in your chair doing nothing to stop it, but typing feverishly on your keyboards complaining about the injustice of it all.

The time has come to choose folks, which America do you want to live in? The one that belongs to corrupt elite politicians like Hillary Clinton and Obama, or the one Donald Trump wants desperately to make great again with your help?



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