I Am Proud Of My Tinfoil Hat

Were you considered the wacko “Tin Foil Hat Conspiracy Theorist” by your friends in 2008?  For many of us patriots and conservatives, I am afraid the answer was yes!

In the primaries in 2008, we all watched the Cinderella story of a young Black Senator from IL, who took the country by storm.  He did not use Ebonics, he looked smoothed and polished, was Harvard educated, a lawyer who stepped into politics and cleverly did nothing for years.  He went to private schools for his entire life, yet no transcripts are available?  The main stream media helped finish the  Cinderella creation and then got him elected.

Many of us, including my good friend Passionate Pachyderms, saw through the glitter and shine of this too perfect candidate.  Troubling things kept surfacing that were brushed off, glossed over or call a racist question.  He was born in Hawaii but no concrete proof exists.  He claims a white mother when it is convenient for him and then discards her.  He claims to have been editor of Harvard Law Review but there are no published papers by him, a first for the editor of the Harvard Law Review.  He starts his political career in the living room of an unrepentant terrorist.  He claims the pastor of his church was one of his mentors, but apparently never sat in the church to hear the hate filled, everything is whitie’s fault, rants and raves by Pastor Wright.  The examples could go on for pages but at this point I am sure you are all nodding your heads in agreement and thinking me too.

Remember when you tried to tell people not to trust Obama, to question his background more and to be afraid of what he is telling us he wants to do?  Well Chuck, your just a racist bigot who hates black people, how could you ever think such a fine person as Obama could possibly do all those things you said he would do.  Then they went on to tell us, in that self righteous tone that many had, that Obama promised he would unite our country, that his administration would be the most transparent ever, that all bills would be available to be read 48 hours prior to any votes.  Plus he is not going to follow the failed policies of George Bush and will lead us forward into a new age. 

Instead we got more back room deals than ever, a failed stimulus, a healthcare deal that will destroy this country, illegal appointments, so many executive orders and laws being made by agencies instead of the legislators that we cannot even keep track of it all.  Furthermore our embassy was attacked and he had to go to Las Vegas to campaign,  then he lied about it being a terrorist attack and we are left with a death toll of 4 and no honest explanation.  The list of his lies, lawbreaking and crimes against our country are just once again too numerous to list.

So where am I going with this??? I admit first that when I started learning about what was going on in our country, I also thought that folks like Art Bell, Alex Jones, Michael Savage and a host of others might just own a Tin Foil Hat.  I realize that what I mistakenly called a Tin Foil Hat was just a far better understanding of the situation than I had.  So next time someone teases me and asks if I own a Tin Foil Hat, I will proudly say “DAMN RIGHT I DO” and I am proud of it and the company of fellow hat wearers who care for our country as much as I do.  So bring on the foil!.

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