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You have forgotten youre place

by Passionate Pachyderms

How do we know Edward Snowden didn’t try to go to someone? What would Obama’s little errand boy Eric done with the information? We already know they have targeted American Citizens, ruined their lives, and businesses and even, in some cases, used their drones to murder them. What do you think would have happened to this person, had they known he intended to expose their dirty little deeds to the American people? They seem adept at making people disappear, and/or turn up dead. 

Victims of freak accidents, bizarre sudden illnesses no one saw any evidence of, random shootings, victims of domestic violence, or suicides where no record of prior issues previously existed. The list of dead and “missing” people linked in some way to the 0 admin continues to grow, as does the list of American Citizens targeted in some way by this administration. For proof, one need look no further than those TEA Party organizations who recently testified in front of Congress about the IRS.

Let’s not allow the media or “O” and his minions to poo poo or sugar coat the fact that they are invading the privacy of American Citizens, and using the information to further their own personal agendas or political ideology.




If you’ll recall the words of Valarie Jarrett just prior to the 2012 presidential election…”Valerie Jarret – “After We Win This Election, It’s Our Turn. Payback Time.” (WSI) – The Ulsterman Report.


If we allow this abuse of power to be poo pooed, and dismissed, if we allow the practice of spying on and invading the personal privacy of EVERY American citizen to continue, allow this president to continue exceeding his authority and taking liberties which are FAR ABOVE HIS PAYGRADE to continue, our country and EVERYTHING it was founded upon will be gone. It’s that simple. It’s that serious. It is that important.

They have called us whack jobs, tin foil hat wearers, Tea baggers. They have insulted us, belittled us, betrayed us, dismissed, terrorized and threatened us, they have betrayed the American people and our trust on every possible level, and if anyone thinks it will stop here without the help of “We The People” they are delusional! 

Mark my words, if we don’t push back, and push back hard right now, it is very likely we will not recognize our country a year from now.

We ARE MILLIONS,they are few. THEY WORK FOR US! They need to be reminded that they are in place to do our bidding, not the other way around. 


If we can’t, won’t, or don’t deliver that message RIGHT NOW, with a roar so deafening it leaves them shaking in their shoes, unable to erase it from their minds, it will be as good as holding our wrists out for them to shackle, and begging them to enslave not only us, but all future generations too.


I am not proposing violence, I am proposing we the people make use of the rights and laws our forefathers carefully put into place for us to use, should our leaders ever overstep their bounds and forget their place. For a time such as this.



We The People MUST Take our country back!

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