Gowdy Letter Calls Out Cummings And Begins Pounding Nails In Coffin Of Clinton Presidential Hopes

By Passionate Pachyderms

South Carolina Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy wrote a scathing 14 page  letter calling out Democratic Congressman and fellow Benghazi committee member Cummings Thursday.

The letter is in response to Cummings politically motivated letter sent to Gowdy earlier in the week in which Cummings and other Democrats, once again attempted to use the Deaths of four American hero’s in Benghazi, and the subsequent investigations of the incident for their party’s political advantage, and downplay presidential candidate Hillary Clintons very troublesome role in it  before and after as revealed in recently obtained E Mails which she had previously claimed “Didn’t exist” and/or had been deleted when her hard drive was “wiped” after stepping down as Secretary Of State.

Gowdy Letter To Cummings


Gowdy goes to great lengths to list inconsistencies, lies, and VERY troubling, revealing points uncovered over the course of the Benghazi investigation, as well as within the newly released Clinton Emails, then methodically connects the dots painting an extremely damning picture of Clintons involvement before the incident, as well as the actions or lack there of, of Cummings and other Democratic members of the Benghazi Committee which Gowdy Chairs.

Congressman Gowdy, a past South Carolina states attorney is unbelievably gifted in the art of communicating and getting his point across. He is particularly adept at pointing out the facts, and does so with the impact of a train hitting you at full speed, followed by impeccable documentation of those facts,  leaving zero doubt in ones mind as to exactly what happened, when.

The letter though long, is well worth the time to read and pass along to those who, like most of us, have become lost in the enormity of this investigation, and the tangled web of lies, cover ups, illegal destruction of evidence, failures to comply with FOIA requests, hidden servers, hidden emails, illegal dissemination of classified, Top Secret information, and so on. 

Mr. Gowdy not only brings us all up to speed, he clues us in on several things we may have missed over the past 17 months of investigation. If your at all like me, by the time your finished reading his letter, you’ll have a renewed sense of anger, and a stomach turning urge to vomit not only as the facts are revealed, but as you learn the utter disrespect, and complete lack of moral turpitude Mrs. Clinton, her friends, underlings, and fellow Democrats have shown throughout the process, striving not to find the truth of what really happened, but instead, find ways to cover each others asses as well as their own while promoting themselves to assure their victory in upcoming elections.

Mr. Gowdy has only recently announced his intention to leave Washington at the end of this term in Congress. While I certainly can understand his desire to be free of this sort of disgusting, corrupt segment of our population, the patriot in me cries with disappointment at the thought of someone with his integrity, and honor leaving, when what we need is a thousand more just like him in order to even begin to save our great nation.

Thank You Mr. Gowdy. Thank you for your efforts, your time, your honesty, and integrity. But most of all, THANK YOU for standing up and fighting with all your might for those who were killed, and for the family members, friends, and loved ones they left behind who are searching for answers about what really happened that night, why it happened, and who exactly is responsible for it. They deserve answers, and they deserve the prosecution of each and every person involved in not only the deaths of those four American hero’s, but also the illegal actions of anyone/everyone who had a hand in precipitating the events of that night, as well as those involved in covering up the facts of what happened, and or protecting/hiding those who were involved even if, especially if their names are Clinton, and Obama.

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