We as Americans have all been shocked on at least a few occasions by headlines exposing government involvement in various things we believe to be outrageous, morally unacceptable, ridiculous, and went against what we believe our government is authorized to be engaged in on our behalf.

Through the years there have been countless special investigations, Congressional inquiries and hearings about these abuses of power and unacceptable actions which generally result in little more than a slap on the wrist or perhaps a strongly worded letter being sent to the guilty parties. More often than not though, the headlines fade away, and the entire matter is swept under the rug and forgotten once the public outcry dies down, or some other breaking story takes center stage. 

This series of articles will likely remind you of some of those, and inform you of others you probably never heard of or knew about because they were done quietly under the surface, away from public eye, or when we’ve been deliberately distracted by what we’ve come to know recently as, the main stream medias 4 a.m. talking points. Talking points fed to key members of the main stream media daily by the powers that be, many of whom are also within our government. 

These 4 a.m. talking points are designed to tell us only what and how much “they” want us to know. They manipulate public opinion in one direction or another, distract us from things they really would rather we didn’t know about, or want us to discover.

If this is the first time you are hearing about the medias 4 a.m. talking points, I suggest Googling “Project Mockingbird”.

We are kicking off this series of articles with one we consider to be of crucial importance to all Americans who have served in the military, their loved ones and family members, many of whom have no idea they’ve been exposed to things that will affect their health and that of their families for generations to come. We feel it’s long past time to bring the types of things our government has been engaged in doing to the bravest, most honorable among us,  and their families under the cloak of “national security” for decades into the light, and hold those responsible accountable.

To be clear though, don’t fool yourself into thinking that because you didn’t serve in the military, you and your family are untouched by the unfathomable, unconscionable actions taken by a government in place to SERVE WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America. Quite the contrary, as you will discover, all of us have been used, exposed, and fallen prey to their dastardly deeds, and whats even worse is, we’ve been paying for them to do it to us through our tax dollars! 

We will show a clear pattern of actions taken by those in government of deeds they’ve knowingly engaged in that resulted in serious physical illness, injury, harm and deaths of American citizens over the years. Deeds that were perpetrated without the consent or knowledge of those American citizens victimized. Deeds that when some of them were uncovered, were lied about, down played, and hidden to lessen culpability and financial responsibility for the ensuing damage done to the lives of in some cases, potentially hundreds of thousands of Americans.

It is this very sort of irresponsible, reprehensible, and even criminal behavior engaged in by members we’ve elected to office, their subordinates, and the chosen individuals they’ve put in place, that our current POTUS is attempting to drag into the light and hold accountable for their deeds.

To be clear, the guilty are both Republican and Democrat, most of whom have become enriched by their terms in office. How exactly does one become a multi millionaire on a public servants salary? We’ve all asked that question on more than one occasion, and perhaps this series of articles will help answer it.

We invite those who have comments or information they would like to contribute to this series to do so, we are after all, in this together, and together we must stay if we are to be the wind of change needed to blow hard enough to stop this corrupt, unacceptable, illegal, immoral, and treacherous pattern of behaviors from continuing. Remember WHAT WE ALLOW WILL CONTINUE. AND IT WILL GET WORSE! 

Our first part in the series, “The U.S. Military” will be released FRIDAY MARCH 23rd and posted on . Links will be shared with the same meme used here. We ask all patriots, groups, and leaders to PLEASE take the time to read and share this series and request that their people do the same. We MUST get this information into the hands of ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS and encourage them to raise their voices and hold the guilty parties, ALL GUILTY PARTIES responsible!

We are Passionate Pachyderms, The Brutally Honest Elephants in Every room.


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