How The GOP Could and Would Manipulate The Election

For those who are newer to politics and how the party system works this will seem far fetched and when you finish reading this you will might not agree. For those who have been involved with the GOP at the county and state level you will see the possibilities in what I am about to say.

Four short years ago we ended up with Mitt Romney as the GOP nominee. The GOP changed the rules at the convention to make certain Ron Paul would not have an impact because he was a threat to the status quo. Now four years later we have Donald Trump, who is about as far from the GOP Elite as you can get and Ted Cruz, who also is no favorite of the GOP Insiders. This field started with 16 candidates and we the people have spoken, with our time, with our money and most of all with our votes. Now most people incorrectly assume that the GOP is a conservative party, well nothing could be further from the truth. They use that buzz word as a way to trick us into voting for them. They run for office waving the flag in one hand, the constitution in the other and pledge to change Washington. Be honest now and think, how many people have actually done as they promised, a handful maybe. The reason this happens is while a first time candidate who is elected does want to do these things, the harsh reality of DC soon sets in. Those in power bury your good bills in committee and bring to vote only that which fits the GOP agenda. The newly elected senator or congressman is told to be a team player and vote for all these other bills and maybe we will bring one of your bills out of committee for a vote. Another example of the GOP using people is how the GOP used the Teaparty groups. Before an election they were a valuable member of the team and welcomed by the GOP, once the election was over then they were too radical, right wing zealots who ideas were just too far out of the mainstream to be considered. Enough of the history lesson, on to the good stuff.

It is the end of March and we are down to three candidates, Trump, Cruz and Kasich. With Trump, nobody thought he was serious, nobody thought he could win because he did not do the conventional campaign and he certainly is uncontrollable. Next we have Cruz, an evangelical, conservative running as an outsider. He has gone against the Senate Majority Leader in several instances and even called him a liar, again uncontrollable by the party. Lastly we have Kasich, the GOP lefty, who wants to get along with everyone and is embracing much of the Obama policy. If your the GOP elites you have a nightmare on your hands. Two very unpopular candidates with the GOP elites and one candidate who isn’t sure which parties ideals he once to embrace?

Now is when it gets good! The GOP elites have never liked the idea of the electorate picking their candidate for this exact reason. But wait, what if we find a way to make the two front runners unacceptable for various reasons to a segment of the GOP members. Through the media they bait Trump and his supporters so that things spin out of control and people seem to be turning towards Cruz. Mathematically Cruz still has a chance of getting to 1257 and becoming the nominee. Now just as the Cruz campaign begins to pick up momentum things start coming out against Cruz. Allegations of affairs, allegations of dirty tricks and allegations of attacks on Trump’s wife. Welcome to the perfect storm. Now we go to Cleveland and the convention.

Just as the GOP planned, none of the candidates have the needed delegates to cinch the nomination. Both Cruz and Trump delegates refuse to budge and we have done through several ballots. Time for the handpicked GOP “uniter” to appear. Now both Trump and Cruz supporters have no choice but to support the uniter because of all the behind the scenes back door deals that were made. November comes, and surprise surprise the GOP loses. The GOP in their wisdom says they need to make certain they are never in this position again (in other words not in control of the election for their parties nominee) so they announce a system similar to the Democrats where beside elected delegates each state will have super delegates so they can keep in check candidates who do not fit the GOP profile (Cruz and Trump). But what they really mean is now they have a system in place to control the process so the elites can pick the nominee. As they see it, they forfeit the battle, to win the war. Hey, there is always another election in four years so it really won’t matter if we have lost this one as long as we have control. As for the good of the country, the GOP gave up on that a long time ago.

I am Chuck Pithy and I tell it like it is!

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