Gamergate To Qanon, Evil Does Exist (Part 5 in series)


In order to become free from the tyranny of evil men, we must unite under one cause.  This was attempted by an anon who went by the name AyeExEye, who took over for Pepe, the originator of the new Alt Right movement.  The medium used was Discord; and the cause was “Anti-Com” which stands for anti-communism action group.  

In the beginning, gamers united or were already amalgamated with various alt-right groups, anti-3rd wavers and nationalists, against the Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) and 3rd wave feminism movements.   Jon Stone wrote, “[Gamergate] readjusts and reinvents itself in response to attempts to disarm and disperse its noxiousness, subsuming disaffected voices in an act of continual regeneration, cycling through targets, pretexts, manifestoes, and moralisms”.[   AyeExEye and Pepe could have been part of the gamergate movement, but because all were anonymous, no one really knows their true affiliation.  Regardless of these initial issues, these anons paved the way for others through social media invites to the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) platforms we use today. 

Articles against the initial gamer movement were scathing.  The entire left rose against the gamers, many of which were not misogynistic, racist, homophobic etc.  The TV series Law & Order: SVU even portrayed a fictionalized version of Gamergate controversy with its episode, “Intimidation Game.”   In 2018, knowing that the entire MainStream Media (MSM) has been subverted by the “left,” the “DeepState,” “Special Executive Service (SES)” or whatever you term it, how can you not smirk at white, male, feminists who write articles with statements like, “But you know what? Yes, it’s really, really hard to be a “good ally.” It’s quite a bit easier to pretend to try to be a ‘good ally’ and get brownie points. But even that amount of effort of being a fake ally is still more effort than sitting back, lifting your lip in a sneer and indulging in ironic mockery of other people’s fakeness.”  I read the entire article at my own peril – and I must say the cuck (and there’s no other way to describe him) who wrote it has swallowed some serious quantities of Kool-Aid.

It was gamers on the Chans (4ch/pol/) who brought q to my attention.  When references to Pizzagate began to surface, I asked questions.  Later finding articles by Washington Post (WaPo) authors who tied pizza gate to gamer gate, I began to see a pattern developing.  The pattern was not one of misogynistic young males, fighting over who could be more racist, homophobic, or hateful toward women and minorities  – but a pattern of infiltration by groups of people who refused to assimilate to the culture they were infiltrating.  These insurgents entered the gaming community with the goal of making changes to fit their ideology – rather than entering the community either on their own merits or studying the terrain, then using the information gathered to determine whether the space they occupied was welcoming or hostile.

Finding solace today is challenging.  Our world is not a friendly place for anyone – especially Z Generation (GenZ) youth.  Most of these young people are tired of hearing about saving the environment, global warming, political correctness, thought crimes, etc.  Gamers, for years, found solace online deep inside their Worlds of Warcraft and/or other games.  Setting up your game, your IRC, strategizing, picking your team and maneuvering through a maze of obstacles is something gamers used to get away from Real Life (RL) and relax.  When their world was infiltrated by demanding, entitlement, politically correct individuals with anti-social tendencies, immediate conflict was the inevitable result.  Developers who bowed to the requests of Social Justice Warriors (SJW’s) were immediately flamed.  Anyone who persisted felt the wrath of the rest of the community.  Everyone shouted, “Why fix what’s not broken!” I’m not excusing any hate speech, doxing, harassment, or any other illegal actions taken by the few – I’m simply saying that anyone wishing to enter into an already established community or society must be willing to assimilate to that environment without imposing their own values – which may be unwelcomed and met with opposition.  If this is a problem, start your own community separate from the first.

One thing I noticed about the open source gamergate articles was that the gamergate community had no voice.  Not one interview portraying the gamer’s point of view!  I had the pleasure of interviewing two gamers in IRC so I could get their perspective.  Here’s what they had to say:

Reign “I would like to get the female perspective on gamer gate. I’m not a gamer; however I have many friends who are.  According to what I’ve read in mainstream media articles on gamergate, females are not welcome within the community and were belittled and excluded by male gamers.”

Tay. “No.  Females in general have a hard time in environments that aren’t high in empathetic and kind behavior.  They don’t understand banter for the most part and can’t take the hard hits thrown around in multiplayer communities.  Females generally have this expectation to be catered to by men in a very particular manner that is better known as ‘appeasing’ for the sake of their own ego.  That doesn’t work within a gaming community.  Unless you make yourself an asset by having actual skills playing games, you will essentially be treated like a ****doll who is just there for attention; because more often that is the case.  If you can’t take the hits of the gaming community and banter, that community is not for you regardless of gender.”

Reign “I want to know if you felt marginalized by misogynistic males within the gamer community.”

Tay. “Regarding the attire female characters tend to wear within video games – if the majority of the target audience is males, it makes sense to have female characters dressed in a manner that appeals to a male audience, since they are the primary consumers.  If you see video games that are catered towards primarily female audiences, you will see more cutesy animals/graphics, or a larger focus on scantily dressed males that act a certain way.”

Reign “Do you feel like the gamer community is racist, bigoted, homo or trans-phobic?”

CmdPark “I think many of the individuals in this world have been so conditioned with a progressive worldview that is well-funded and promoted through television, music, and media – that they don’t really think for themselves, they don’t investigate or seek the truth. Many of them are influenced by strong personalities on the left – those with the gift of gab and who are psychologically smart. The leadership can just sit back and watch while the pawns draw from the emotional side of things. So you have a few people causing chaos within an established society, by using those who have been brainwashed to believe something that is polar opposite of cosmic truth.  Truth does not fear investigation. It’s logic over emotion.  People within the gaming community began to notice this and once you become aware of people trying to influence your worldview, trying to change your opinions, you naturally resist it.”

“Take for example, what’s going on in the US right now.  The truth is that an unarmed people will be enslaved. What if the Jewish population in Germany had been armed and the government hadn’t restricted guns within their population? Maybe things would have been different.”

Reign “Tell me about doxing.”

CmdPark “Doxing is when you have an anonymous user who does not wish to be identified.  But for whatever reason, someone exposes their personal information (real name, address, telephone number, etc). These targeted attacks affected the entire gamer movement. It comes from both sides, though.  Don’t think that the leftists won’t dox someone – it’s a very efficient tool to make someone vulnerable within the movement.  Some people may live in a place where there is no freedom of speech – they could be arrested because of what they have said.” 

So where does q come in to all this? A 4ch anon asked a question regarding HRC and the possibility of her being brought up on criminal charges (based on DJT’s statements during the presidential debate).  Q responded to this question and thus began the q phenomenon.  The initial posts spoke of HRC’s extradition being in motion, her passport being approved for flagging effective 30OCT17.  This all began late in October with q dropping what we called “crumbs.”  The crumbs were dropped on 4ch and were collected by the board owners and moderators.  Anons began “baking” the breadcrumbs by sifting through all the board posts, and when answers to the Socratic questions q asked were “confirmed” by q, they were added to the bread.  The bread first came out in baked loaves called infographics and later some talented anons began using .pdf format to tell the story.  Eventually q began to ask us to “connect the dots,” and we developed a q-map.  The maps made by anons began to form and were read from the bottom-up.  Maps, infographics, and spreadsheets were made and all open-source documents that answered q’s questions were compiled.  The picture of MSM cover-up, political corruption, pedophilia, human sex trafficking and more became visible.  

All sources were archived and stored in many offline servers, devices, and media.  First saved infographic is still located here:  (post compilation 11-10 q tripcode confirm).  The active spreadsheet is here: 

This document is q posts with answers provided by anons.

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