Freedom of Speech or Consequences

Many of us are staunch defenders of our constitution and we are pretty adamant about it. I personally have said things to friends regarding this and it was not sugar coated. However there is a difference between a discussion with a buddy over a few beers and what becomes public knowledge.

When Potus 45 was first elected many expressed there displeasure and more than one celebrity talked about killing him. Did they have the right to express that under the first amendment, you bet! Does the first amendment protect them from a visit from the police and or a host of three letter government agencies, absolutely not. One entertainer felt they were protected under the first amendment from consequences from holding a severed head which was a likeness of Potus. Once again, there is absolutely the right to express that opinion and an equal expectation that for the public good and safety they will be investigated.

If you hear someone express they are going to do something to a school you have a moral duty to inform the authorities. That person or persons has the freedom to express their thoughts but no protection from investigation of those thoughts.

Now lets bring it a bit more local. Let’s say there is a county board meeting about a proposed pipeline. Do you have the right to say, “If you vote in favor of the pipeline you are all a bunch of dumb sonbitches!”, obviously yes and you probably would be admonished for your language. Do you have the right to say if you vote yes on the pipeline I will blow it up? You certainly have that right but be prepared for the consequences.

I think I have given sufficient examples for you to get the point, so where am I going with this? Thanks to facebook, twitter, instagram and all the other social media platforms and those lovely smart phones that can easily take video there is a responsibility people have to their cause that they had not thought about.

Here is an example, let’s say you are at a town hall meeting with your favorite or not so favorite senator. Now the issue of gun control comes up and the person before you has said some things that just has your blood boiling, it was a 5 minute tirade about how the constitution didn’t cover the modern weapons of today, yada yada yada, you know the talking points. So you get up to speak and you defend the 2nd amendment, your making your points well and people are nodding their heads and you feel you have the audience in the palm of your hand. So your on a roll and you finish by saying, “Anyone who tries to take my guns will pry it from my cold dead body!” The room irrupts in applause and you are proud of what you did. Will you see a visit from law enforcement or a three letter agency, probably not. We all need to be passionate about our beliefs.

Imagine your horror, when the next morning, a clip of you is shown on CNN and the only part they play is where you say They can have my guns when they pry them from my cold dead body. The announcer goes on to say this is typical of the alt right who claims to support law enforcement until it is something they don’t like and then they will fight to death. Congratulations you have just become the poster child for the left and have dealt a harsh blow to the movement you were trying to support.

So how do we fight the bullcrap from the left? A better response might have been “You probably aren’t aware of it but the 2nd amendment of the constitution guarantees me the right to have my guns just as it gives you the right to spout your nonsense. Until there is a constitutional amendment which nullifies the second amendment your just wrong.

As we discuss, argue, debate and fight with the left on any topic we need to always be vigilant about what we say and how we say it. Our Freedom of Speech does have Consequences!

I am Chuck Pithy and I say it like it is!

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