It’s Not My Fault, Just Another Obama Lie.

One thing about the Obama administration is certain things are a constant . One of the most constant is that the President never accepts the blame.  Get ready for the next big lie which will be directed against health insurance companies.

Now that the President has done the false fix of his promise that you can keep your insurance, the next step is to shift the blame for the consequence of the President’s actions.  The fabulous fix he touted on Thursday was the equivalent of issuing a stay of execution after the shots have been fired.  This way he can claim well I told them that they no longer needed to shoot, it is not my fault they had fired.

The President and his administration knew about the cancelation issues of policies long before the problems with the website.  The President chose to wait until he knew it was too late for most companies to reissue these policies before offering this false fix.  They often say timing is life is everything and like most of his other decisions, fast and furious, Benghazi, and Syrian Chemical Weapons, and now the ACA, his decision was too late to do anything,  And like all those other scandals the administration will pass this off as the fault of the insurance companies instead of with the President where it belongs.

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