Using executive orders, presidential memorandums, Obama declared Independence from Congress on Tuesday

Just to show his disdain for Congress’ impotence, President Barack Obama acted unilaterally to raise the minimum wage for new federal contract workers before his State of the Union address. He used an executive order to signal that he doesn’t need Congress or the Constitution to impose his will on America.

Obama then went on in his State of the Union address and promised to use executive orders and presidential memorandums to rule the country. Meanwhile, impotent Congress applauded not realizing that he made them obsolete.

If Obama can rule by executive orders, do we need Congress? Imagine if we fired all of the Representatives, Senators, and their staffs, sold their office space, and ended all their perks and benefits, we could save hundreds of billions of dollars a year.

So until members of Congress start taking Constitutional “Viagra,” America will be following the same course as the Roman Republic.

Because public education doesn’t prepare people, some of you may not know the History of the Roman Republic and how it became an Empire ruled by a dictator. But History does repeat itself.

Rome was a republic similar to our system of government. Rome had a Senate (Legislative Branch), Judges (Judicial Branch) and was lead by Caesar (Executive Branch). Power lay in the hands of the Senate, elected by Roman citizens. While the Senate was busy with their own personal agendas, Caesar, who was popular with the people, started making changes claiming he had to do these things to make Rome more “fair” for the citizens. He started taking power from the Senate and Judges. Then to keep the people content he gave the people “free” food and entertainment.

After a few years, Caesar disbanded the Senate and the Roman Republic became an Empire.

The food and entertainment wasn’t really free since Caesar used the peoples’ taxes to pay for the food and entertainment. This led to a financial debt and eventually to the fall of the Roman Empire.

Now back to the State of the Union address. In his address, Obama promised to take executive action without Congress to change retirement savings, to change the minimum wage, to force business to provide paid leave for family time, to reduce discrimination in the workplace, to create family work policies, to create a new federal job-training system, to force employers to hire more people, to encourage the construction of factories that rely on natural gas, and to mandate universal pre-kindergarten.

He also promised not to let Congress deter him from immigration reform, extending emergency unemployment benefits, and to increasing the earned income tax credit. The earned income tax credit allows people who do not pay taxes to get a tax refund.

So are you one of the “Roman” citizens who will fiddle while Rome burns? As long as you get your “free bread and entertainment,” do you care that Obama with Congress’ acquiescence is using “change” to make our Republic an empire? Are you more concerned about American Idol and the latest “news” on TMZ then taking action and demanding from your Representatives and Senators action to stop Obama’s executive orders? Do you care that Obama is unilaterally taking action by executive order contrary to our Constitution?

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