Could The Ebola Scare Be Another Attempt At Manipulating The American Public?

By Passionate Pachyderms                                                                                                                                                                                                                


When I first heard about all of the diseases the illegal immigrants were bringing with them into our country, like millions of others, I was horrified, and VERY concerned for the health and well being of the American people. The thought that our government is shipping diseased illegal’s to states under cover of darkness, without the consent or knowledge of those state governors, or the American people living and paying taxes in those states, not only angered me, but also has set off a fire storm of concerned protests across the country.

On the mind of EVERY American mother, father, and grandparent, is the concern that when school starts again just a few short weeks from now, our children and grandchildren will likely become exposed to illnesses and diseases that otherwise would not be a primary concern, in addition to the added costs and disruptions caused by interpreters, learning assistants, classes of children unable to speak English and holding back those who have lived here and spoken it their entire lives.

It was with these thoughts swimming around in my head when I began to wonder about a few things which have happened in rapid succession, leading me to wonder… ARE WE BEING MANIPULATED?

In a recent outrage by Facebook, we were all made aware that they had secretly conducted “feelings manipulation experiments” on unsuspecting Facebook users whose news feeds they deliberately manipulated by allowing only negative items to be placed in peoples feeds. As a result, after a period, those individuals began also thinking and posting in predominantly negative thought patterns. Clearly the psyches of Americans can be rather easily manipulated, why then I surmised, wouldn’t, or couldn’t they do it on a much grander, much more insidious scale, say by mentioning the words “DEADLY PLEAGUE FOUND IN COLORADO”  “Second plague victim identified” and now SHOCKER OF SHOCKERS, EBOLA OUTBREAK!! CDC BRINGS EBOLA TO THE UNITED STATES!

They say the Ebola victims will be completely contained, and of course exposure to any American individual or the public at large will be statistically impossible…. About as statistically impossible as the IRS targeting Conservatives? How about as statistically impossible as 4 American citizens including a United States Ambassador being left to die in Benghazi as our government watched, did nothing to save them, and then lying to us for months about it? OR perhaps as statistically impossible as the NSA listening in on all of our phone calls, reading all our emails and texts, and keeping meta data files on all of us? I wondered if they meant THAT KIND OF STATISTIC IMPOSSIBILITY, or if perhaps it was the statistic impossibility of the CDC improperly handling dangerous infectious diseases not once, not twice, but over and over, needlessly exposing the American people to the unthinkable. And now the CDC expects us to believe and TRUST them when they say that contamination from the two American Ebola victims is statistically impossible considering the depth of precautions they are taking to prevent such a calamity.

While I can certainly understand these folks wanting to be back here in America, and near their families as they fight for their lives from this horrific disease, where was that compassion and desire to “leave no one behind” when it came to those who fought and died on that roof top in Benghazi? Where was the U.S. Governments compassion then? I am certain those men would have rather died at home near their families as well. But alas they were not afforded that opportunity. Why then, is it so terribly crucial, so vitally imperative that,  that same government, would put at risk the well being of our ENTIRE COUNTRY by allowing two individuals with active EBOLA to be brought into the United States for treatment?

I don’t mean to be crass or unsympathetic to their plight, but honestly, those two individuals went to Africa knowing full well what they were going there for and getting into. Why then is it prudent, or even SANE to put the entire AMERICAN public at risk, by transporting them back here for treatment, and quite possibly exposing the innocent unsuspecting American public to something as horrific as EBOLA? I ASK YOU DOES THIS MAKE ANY SENSE TO YOU AT ALL?

If it does, your a far better person than I, because to me, it’s just plain idiotic and CRAZY! But then I thought, hummm what if our government wanted to manipulate us into believing Ebola or some equally horrific disease for which there is no cure or immunization was on the loose, perhaps was killing people, making them horribly sick? Would that not be a way to perhaps control an angry public? Would it not be enough to enact martial Law? Would it not be a reason for all of the strange things those who have been dubed “conspiracy theorists” have been warning us about and telling us to prepare for? I’ll bet your beginning to think perhaps you shouldn’t have spent the past couple of years calling them crazy right about now aren’t you?

Aww but hey,,,, We’re talking about the government of the United States of America, and it would be “Statistically Impossible” for them to do such a terrible thing…. I mean this is still America right?…. Are you sure about that whole statistically impossible thing? Are you REALLY willing to take that chance with your kids, and grandkids? Why should we trust the CDC who just admitted to mishandling dangerous infectious diseases? …. Then again, I thought about that whole Facebook mind manipulation thing… You make the call, I’m just sayin’ I’m not so sure I’m buying what the government is selling on any level anymore, and I’m not sure anyone else should be either! I am Passionate Pachyderms, and I tell it like it is! 


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