Why It Would Be So Much Easier To Be Liberal

Being a conservative means that you have certain beliefs and standards which you live by, how ever it seems the liberals are not bother by such things. I will list several examples to make my point.

Liberals tend to believe that abortion (killing an unborn baby) is well within the right of society. Now if a person rapes, tortures and kills that same baby, it is wrong for that person to be put to death. The baby has not done anything and it is ok to kill but the rapist who killed the baby deserves to live.

Tolerance is another area where liberals claim they unique. However do not expect tolerance from them if you are conservative. Upon starting a discussion with a liberal you will often be attacked, I have been called a racist, a homophobe, a bigot, uncaring, rich and an obvious republican.

The liberals have an unrealistic idea of how business functions. To them every business has an unlimited availability of resources to pay what ever a liberal decides is fair pay and should offer all sorts of benefits no matter what the cost. It seems in their mind because the government can do that, then private industry can do it too. Never mind that business has to earn the money it pays unlike the government that conscripts it. In fact, heaven forbid the business actually make a profit, then that should be given back to the workers or the government. If they were honest they would probably be happier if government would take over all business in the interest of fairness.

Speaking of fairness they have an interesting view on fairness too. To a liberal the only fair thing to do with people who have broken our immigration laws is to make them citizens. However if a criminal steals their car, they do not believe that the criminal should keep the car. Instead of a system of taxation where everyone pays an equal percentage of income or spending, they believe that those who have more should pay more. So, for example if my neighbor and I work at the same factory and earn the same amount of money, but I choose to get a part time job to have more money, at the end of the year I should pay a higher percentage of my income than he should.

Liberals also have interesting views on unions. First they believe unions are necessary and a great thing. But when you ask them why those who make more do not pay higher union dues, they say that would not be fair. So taxes should be based on income, but union dues should be equal for all. The other issue with unions which they have a huge issue with is them being voluntary. They claim it is not fair if some pay union dues for representation and others do not. But what this equates to is being strong armed or held hostage. If you do not pay this third party you can not have a job.

Liberals also have differing views on the standard for elected officials. Should a conservative say something they find offense it is all over the mainstream media and social media and the liberals are demanding apologies. However if the situation is reversed and a liberal say something offense the rest of the liberals jump in and defend what was said by saying it is their right under freedom of speech. A prime example is during the hearings on Act 10 in Wisconsin the liberals and the unions called Scott Walker worse than Hitler and even had signs to that effect. Then when at CPAC Gov. Scott Walker told thousands of conservative activists that his experience standing up to 100,000 protesters in 2011 has prepared him to face the threat posed by Islamic State terrorists. Now should a liberal political do something illegal and or immoral an apology is accepted and the excuses flow like a waterfall. However if it is a conservative well then they should be punished to the fullest extent possible. The Liberals had no problem comparing him to Adolph Hitler but were offended when compared to terrorist. Yet another area where Liberals have a double standard is war or military action. If a republican is President well then military action is wrong, he is a warmonger and is only doing it so his rich friends can make money. When a republican was in office we had daily body counts. Now with a democrat in office there is rarely any mention of injuries or casualties.

An additional area where Liberals have it easy is Global Warming. Wait we now call it Climate Change because Global Warming is not working. To have our President proclaim, like it is fact, that 95% of the worlds scientists agree that Climate Change is real and man made simply is not true. But they sure have no problem talking about it like it is a done deal.

I could give more examples but I think I have made my point. While it might be easier to be Liberal, I will stick to my principles and beliefs and continue to work for what I know is right.

I am Chuck Pithy and I tell it like it is.

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