What difference does 13 hours make?

In 13 hours, a country can change the course of millions of Americans lives by electing a president with NO EXPERIENCE, NO VALID BIRTH CERTIFICATE, and NO WORK HISTORY.

In 13 hours, the U.S. Congress can RAM through a healthcare bill that 70% of America is against, resulting in MILLIONS of lost jobs, and lives changed forever.

In 13 hours, the lives of an ENTIRE NAVY SEAL TEAM can be snuffed out because they have a gutless, feckless commander in chief who refuses to attend his daily security briefings, and act accordingly.

In 13 hours,  our leaders can fabricate one of the most absurd lies ever told to the American public, send it out on every news wire as if it is fact, while the Secretary of State gets into her limousine, goes home, sends her daughter an email containing the truth, then goes off to bed while an American Ambassador and three other Americans are murdered, and 6 other Americans bravely fight off hundreds of attacking insurgents waiting for help to come from as little as 700 miles away. Help that NEVER ARRIVES.

In 13 hours, that same Secretary of state can send hundreds of emails to her friends, co-workers, and partners in crime, discussing matters they have no business knowing about, and endangering the lives of hundreds of Americans who risk their lives daily to keep YOU safe.

In 13 hours, a hard drive can be scrubbed clean, tens of thousands of emails can be deleted, and all traces of illegal contributions to a private foundation that Secretary of State created and controls can be destroyed.

In 13 hours, our president can sign an executive order releasing thousands of violent criminals and drug addicts from American prisons all across America.

In 13 hours, another executive order can be signed in direct violation of laws created and voted on by the U.S. Congress, and allow hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to enter and or stay in our country, and FORCE YOU TO PAY FOR IT ALL.

In 13 hours, your husband, wife, mother, father or child can be refused medication they need to live, because OBAMACARE doesn’t consider it necessary for proper care and treatment. In 13 hours, you or your loved one can be dead without it.

As the next 13 hours passes, consider what I’ve written here, and what I have not. Then, when it comes time to vote in NOVEMBER, ask yourself….


I am Passionate Pachyderms, and I TELL IT LIKE IT IS!

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