Democrats War on Freedom & Individual Liberty

Why is it that so many Progressives, Liberals & Democrats love dictators like Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez?

Because they have a deep seated desire to tell everyone what to do.

They hate the US Constitution and constantly look for ways to shred it. Why do they hate the US Constitution? The Constitution is the document that places individual rights before government rule.

Lately, we have seen Dictator in Chief Obama, the “messiah” of Progressives, Democrats, and Liberals, threaten to nullify the Constitution and enact legislation with executive orders. His cabinet already encroaches upon Constitutional Legislative authority by making rules that Congress has not provided a legal basis for.

Under Obama reign, the National Security Agency (NSA) has pried into every American’s life by recording every phone conversation, email, text, tweet, and internet usage. This all in the name of protecting Americans from terrorism yet they couldn’t stop the Boston Bomber or theft of credit card and banking information from Target. The NSA claims that the whistleblower, Edward Snowden, was working with the Russians but they never discovered it with all their ability.

This brings us to the latest attempt of Progressives, Liberals, & Democrats to control every American. Obama’s Secretary of Transportation, Anthony Foxx, wants all auto manufacturers to include a tracking device in every vehicle sold in America.

The Department of Transportation plans to implement a rule, bypassing Congress, which would essentially track the location of every car before the end of President Obama’s final term in office.

Why any American would ever vote for a Progressive, Liberal, or Democrat eludes me. Why would anyone willingly give up their Freedom and Individual Liberty so the “nanny” party can dictate every aspect of their lives? No wonder they want legalized marijuana – you’d have to be high to go along with them.

What is even worse is that Republicans are afraid of doing anything about it. They are too afraid of losing their career politician status to fight for Freedom and Liberty. They are waiting until more of them get elected. I am glad our Founding Fathers didn’t wait for Freedom to Ring.

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