Were Democrats Right Calling Republicans the Do Nothing Party?

AB 216, a bill, which would stop state tax dollars from funding abortions through state health insurance plans, has been effectively stalled by state Sen. Scott Fitzgerald (R) who will not bring the legislation to the Senate floor for a vote. Dan Romportl, Fitzgerald’s chief of staff, said the bill and two other pro-life measures were not going to get scheduled because, “We’d like to end on a noncontroversial note.”

But is that why we elected these Republicans? When they have control of the Assembly and Senate, they don’t do anything because it might be too controversial. Meanwhile in DC, those Republicans have control of just one body, and they don’t do anything because they have to get more Republicans elected. So when will they do anything?

We have seen how Democrats push their agenda especially when they control every branch. Even when Democrats control the White House and the US Senate they still push their agenda. They never stop. They never worry about the next election. They never worry about controversy.

Republicans; however, are like deer caught in the headlights. They are afraid to cross the road. They are afraid of controversy on the left so they don’t pass Pro-Life Legislation. They still want the support and money of their base on the right. So they stand in the middle of the road. Sure they talk a good game and attend Pro-Life dinners but they are too afraid to take action.

These are the Republicans Democrats know and love. In 2011, Democrats were scared because Republicans in Wisconsin state government decided to do what was controversial even if it meant that some would lose their next election.  This scared Democrats more than Act 10. What if Republicans started working on the Republican Platform unafraid of being re-elected?

But since then, Republicans have lost their courage, forgotten why we sent them to Madison, and have gone back to worrying about their next election not wanting to do anything too controversial. Sure they will do things like reduce taxes and cut spending but saving taxpayer money isn’t that controversial.

So now we are stuck with a hard choices, continue to vote for these weak-knee Republicans, don’t vote, or vote for the Democrat.

Yes, I know they always remind us that their Democrat opponent would be worse and that we should vote for the lesser of two evils.

But if the Republican in office is too afraid to take action, maybe it is time we let someone else try. Even if it means that for one term we let a Democrat fill the seat and then the next election find a different Republican who will get the job done.

I know some of you are so disgusted with Republican antics that you will only vote for an Independent. Unfortunately, one thing both Republicans and Democrats work together on is to kill any third party or independent candidate.

Tom Brokaw talked about this problem and how both parties control the election process and thus keep any third party or independent from succeeding. Brokaw compared our 2 party system to a football game where everybody hates both teams but we are forced to watch the game and cheer for one of the teams.

Maybe it is time for us to be controversial and vote out incumbents of all parties? This in itself would impose term limits………..

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