Debate or Debacle?

After watching what went on Saturday, February 13, 2016, at 9 pm eastern time on the CBS network, I truly am at a loss for words. The two hours from 9-11 pm were the worst 2 hours of television that I have ever witnessed. CBS, the RNC and the candidates all owe the American public a huge apology!

I am not sure where the adults in the room were, but they sure were not on the stage. First of all the moderators lost control of the debate almost from the very beginning. Further more, in past debates the moderators asked the audience not to applaud or respond to the candidates, but obviously that was not the case here. The worst part was the moderators seemed be pleased that everything was getting out of control. The questions went from substance to having the candidates attack each other. The candidates tried hard in the beginning not to mention anyone else by name to insure the others had no chance for rebuttal, but the moderators soon framed the questions which left them no choice.

Now let’s move onto the candidates themselves. The worst offender of all the candidates was Donald Trump. Now I admit to being a Trump supporter but last night he simply lost it. He was accusing people of lying, started attacking Jeb Bushes family and got more and more vicious. It became a mudslinging without substance and without informing the public of anything. Jeb tried to stay above the attacks at first but finally had no choice and attacked back. But that was not the end of it, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz also got into it. The back and forth about amnesty for illegal immigration became heated and turned into a shouting match! As a viewer it became difficult to discern who was saying what. While John Kasinich tried to be the adult in the room, he too got into a shouting match with Jeb Bush over expansion of Medicaid and Bush’s record as governor. The only one who stayed out of the fray was Ben Carson.

As for who is to blame for all of this I think it is simple, CBS, RNC, the candidates and the audience. Instead of 2 hours of learning about what the candidates will do for our country, it was 2 hours of grudge matches with all including the American public as losers. Candidates, if you expect the undecided voters to turn and support you, then you need to give them much more than you did last night.

I am Chuck Pithy and I tell it like it is!

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