By Pyro Rose

We NEED To Get Moving Here Folks!!!! I am seriously tired of my voice as a Conservative being muted, and I know others are too. Where is our reaction though? It seems the liberals (Media Matters and their ilk ) are currently winning the media battle. We used alternative media to get Trump elected and now it seems we are sitting back on our collective asses and not speaking up and out. Why are we not developing alternatives to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Youtube to carry OUR message, GAB and VOAT aren’t cutting it. I know in our midst we have many people in the Tech field who know how to make these type of platforms, Why can’t we make our own platforms and get our own funding to keep them going? Are we going to let the Libs control the narrative 100%, are we going to roll over and QUIT???

Are we going to let a guy with hair that looks like it should have legs, roll over us, with his faction of trolls and bots, tell their “truth” without ours getting out there as well? Where is the High Energy that helped elect Trump??? Where is our drive and passion for our Country? For the future of our Country? Did we put our all out there just to back off now and watch it crumble? Now, just as much as ever, we need to step up and do what we can, whether it is writing letters/email to State reps, spreading truth bombs and redpills on Internet platforms. (getting banned is bonus, by the way…) Organizing and going to marches, speeches and events, supporting true Conservative Candidates with your TIME and money. Even if it is just a few hours a week, DO SOMETHING… We are at a critical point in time here… Ask yourself. What Would Breitbart Do?
2 articles below for your perusal. It IS still happening.

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