Voter fraud, real or imagined? 

Part 2 of Politics, A Disgustingly Dirty Game filled with Unbelievably Vile Things

By:Passionate Pachyderms

Early in the 2008 election season it became very apparent things were Changing in the way the game of politics was played especially when it came to the presidential election.  It Seemed even then, that the country was on the brink of something they had never experienced  in presidential political races.

But if we go back even further then 2008 in the history of Obama s career, we can see a clear pattern of dirty deeds, lies, un-kept promises and a long line of instances in which Obama accepted responsibility for things he was not qualified for, and apparently had no intention of giving more than a thimble full of his time or attention.

Later we Will dive much more deeply into this topic by going as far back as grade school, middle and high school to establish what is a very clear pattern of a Narcissistic personality. A trait which may ultimately be the very thing that proves to be his demise.

For the moment though, let’s take a look at 2008, and a strange but growing pattern of questionable, and illegal activities at voting polls.

The 2008  Black Panther Party voter intimidation case,  is a political controversy concerning an incident that occurred during the 2008 election. The Black Panther Party and two of its members, Minister King Samir Shabazz and Jerry Jackson, were charged with voter intimidation for their conduct outside a polling station in Philadelphia. **The Department of Justice later narrowed the charges against Minister King Shabazz and dismissed the charges against the New Black Panther Party and Jerry Jackson. The decision to dismiss led to accusations that the Department of Justice, and namely, ERIC HOLDER Attorney General, under the Obama administration is biased against white victims, and unwilling to prosecute minorities for civil rights violations. These charges were most notably made by J. Christian Adams, who in May 2010 resigned his post in the Department of Justice to protest the Obama Administration’s perceived mishandling of the case, as well as by his former supervisor,  Christopher Coates.

Counter-accusations were also made, including claims that the actual incident was relatively minor, and that its importance had been blown out of proportion by individuals with political motives. Attorney General Eric Holder also rejected claims that “his Justice Department” considers the race of an alleged victim when deciding which cases to pursue. The case and its handling by the Department of Justice is currently being investigated by the United States Commission on Civil Rights. The Justice Department also carried out its own internal investigation into the handling of the case, though in my opinion, that is a clear case of the fox guarding the hen house claiming it was the chickens who stole and ate their own eggs!

Please watch the following short videos of the incident>>

And this>  *** Pay particular attention to what is said between 1:00-1:50, then again from 2:20 to the 3:00 mark.

After watching these two videos, fest forward to 2012 and let me ask, what you might think,… if you had been an election poll observer four years later, for the 2012 presidential election. As you were observing,  you witnessed multiple very clear cases of voter fraud perpetrated in the following manner;

 Individuals were transported via chartered coach buses  to a small polling place, (1600 registered voters in precinct) in Sheboygan Wisconsin. Sheboygan is  a city of about 70,000 residents, 95 miles north of the Wisconsin/Illinois state line, and 143 miles north of the city of Chicago.

The suspected individuals were overheard in multiple conversations by individuals serving in various positions within the polling place on election day. They identified themselves via conversations, and  comments made while waiting in line to same day register as new voters, while filling out paperwork for same day registration,  while waiting in line to vote, and in discussions overheard outside the polling place as they waited for their transport vans to pick them up and deliver them back to the Sheboygan city bus transfer station , where they were photographed boarding coach busses which were waiting there to return them to Chicago.

They were heard remarking that they were “living in Chicago,”  “needed to hurry up so they could catch their bus back to Chicago,”  explaining on cell phone that they “had to catch the last bus back to Chicago, because they “had to appear at a scheduled court date there the next morning, and needing to obtain transportation from their home to the court location in the morning.”  Being adorned in Chicago Bears clothing, (in a Wisconsin polling place) and other indications (see entire story and details here)

Additionally, in this very same polling place, the same vote counting machine broke down three separate times that day, each taking hours to repair/replace. (Later upon investigation, we found out the odds of the same machine breaking down in the same way, three times in the same day are so low, we’d all have better odds winning the lottery each day for a month. (Refer back to what is being discussed at the end of the second black panther video linked above).

Add to this the fact that,  the DNC had sent a (self identified) “Hot shot Downtown Chicago attorney,” to sit in this particular small polling location in Sheboygan,  Wisconsin  from 7 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. and “observe.”  (More info about this in article referenced above.)

What if you reported the fraud appropriately, took photos, had the guilty parties followed by three different people, all of whom also took pictures, one of which was the attorney for your County Republican party,  who also witnessed the fraud for himself, and could not explain the activity as anything other than voter fraud?

If you had also reported the fraud to national and state authorities,  had poll workers willing to testify in Court about what they Saw and heard as Well, but over a year later, no one had ever contacted you or anyone else involved, nor had they taken any action what so ever to address or pursue it? What if you had attended 3 meetings with your local county Republican party who wanted to know details about the incident, but then  no one ever bothered to do anything about it?

And, Over the course of 13 months since it happened, you had read hundreds, perhaps thousands of reports of the exact same Kind of incidents having happened all over the Country, none of which seem to have been pursued either?

What if I told you, that the person for whom they were voting  won this presidential election,  and was continuing to single handedly destroy your country,  threatening the lives of each and every person you know, love, and care about, (via Obamacare)  and that there was every reason to believe this person and those working for/ with him would stop at nothing to accomplish their goals?


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