Capital Police Liberal Bias Prohibits Tea Party Members from exercising first Amendment Rights To Free Speech

 PassionatePachyderms on Sunday, April 15, 2012 at 10:09pm ·  (pictures available on request)

 On Saturday in Madison, WI, Capital Police threw Pithy Pins, a vendor of CONSERVATIVE political and tea party pin back buttons, and two other vendors, all of whom had paid for, and obtained proper permits, and specifically asked if the permits allowed them access and permission to sell Political and Free Expression items “on the mall and capital concourse” off Capital grounds. 

“Pithy Pins” was the only vendor at the first Madison WI. Tax Day Tea Party in 2009, They also attended in 2010, and 2011, as well as having been there on Saturday April 14, 2012.

Since that first TEA Party, “Pithy Pins,” (a division of  Angelic Moving Memories L.L.C.)  has assisted/advised many groups on the  planning aspects of events, and sold their”Pithy Pins” at Tea Parties and other Conservative events throughout Wisconsin, and the rest of the country, including several events in Washington D.C. at which millions of Americans participated.

Many things distinguish “Pithy Pins” from other vendors. One of which, is the fact that their buttons are designed, printed, and assembled in their home, by the same four family members, who  sell “Pithy Pins” at events.

 Another, is that 100% of all profits made from the sale of “Pithy Pins” are dedicated to helping further conservative causes and beliefs, supporting Conservative candidates, and helping support organizations dedicated to educating Conservatives on important issues.

To keep their high quality, full color buttons affordable,  cover  the rising costs of supplies, materials, operating expenses, travel/lodging costs, and continue being able to afford those contributions to the cause, those same family members donate the time, energy, and talents required to make and sell “Pithy Pins.” Yes, you read that correctly, no one gets paid. 

Pithy pin makers remark jokingly, “We’re probably never going to be the owners of a multi- million dollar “Pithy Pin” empire,” though they admit, that would be nice, “for now, it’s about the future of our country, and doing our part to make sure that future is a bright one. The rest will follow.”

On Saturday in Madison, WI, Capital Police threw Pithy Pins, a vendor of CONSERVATIVE political and tea party pin back buttons, and two other vendors, all of whom had paid for, and obtained proper permits, and specifically asked if the permits allowed them access and permission to sell Political and Free Expression items “on the mall and capital concourse.”  The vendors were all told yes.  To be certain they would have no problems doing so, Pithy Pins in fact, even incurred the added expense of obtaining a liability insurance policy,  with the one million dollars worth of liability coverage, as required,  per the City of Madison’s web site under “vending permits for the Capital Mall and Concourse area.” In addition, they also incurred the expense of an extra night in a hotel, due to having met with the “vending coordinator,” responsible for issuing and signing the permits in person, and spoken with him at length on Thursday April 12th.. 




In spite of all of this, and having presented the legal permits issued to them, Pithy Pins and the other two conservative vendors, were ordered by Capital police to leave the capital grounds or be arrested. They were forced across the street, on the other side of a sidewalk full of liberal agitators, where most TEA Party supporters couldn’t see them, and thus were unaware existed.

Pithy Pins did not have a table, a chair, anything that might in any way impede foot traffic, or crowd flow, they were not selling anything that contained offensive language, obscenities, nudity, or threatening overtones. Their small sign printed on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper clearly stated the listed prices for their large and small buttons were “suggested donation amounts” and that, “all proceeds go toward supporting non-profit conservative organizations.”

 None of the folks attending the event objected to the presence of Pithy Pins nor their fund raising efforts. In fact, most of the folks in attendance have seen Pithy Pins at various events over the past 3 years, and appreciate their efforts to support conservative causes.

The Capital police have a long history of Liberal bias, this was clearly evident in their actions on Saturday, proof of this can be seen in the photos  provided.

 For those with short memories, this is the same Capital police force who allowed their fellow union member friends to defecate, and urinate in, and on our beautiful capital building, hold hostage our state government for weeks, allowed their friends to terrorize elected officials for doing their jobs, and looked the other way while these individuals did disgusting, repulsive, illegal deeds for attention, and did hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage the house and property belonging to all Wisconsin taxpayers.


At the time, Capital police claimed they were concerned about trying to break up the protests because they “did not want to infringe upon those individual’s  right to express themselves”…

But apparently it doesn’t bother them a bit to infringe upon conservatives rights to freedom of speech.

In other words, liberal’s are the only Americans worthy of expressing their opinions in the eyes, hearts, and minds of Wisconsin State Capital police officers.

According to the U.S. constitution, all American’s are entitled to the rights listed within it. I’ve NEVER seen anything that says, those rights are afforded only to certain citizens with whom a majority of local police officers share a political affiliation, while using the excuse “We’re just doing our jobs.”

Perhaps I’m not reading the RIGHT constitution.

Conservatives attending the Madison WI Tea Party on Saturday, and the owners of Pithy Pins might have accepted that excuse willingly without a word two years ago, BUT NOT ANYMORE!  Not since we watched Capital police do nothing to stop liberal thugs vandalizing our property on national news, and terrorize our elected officials and their families. We know the capital police have a wide latitude in their decisions, as evidenced by their conduct last year, we also NOW know,  that latitude is not afforded those on the RIGHT side of things.

We are not asking for special treatment, just treatment equal to that which is regularly afforded the Capital Polices Liberal friends.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember the names of the other two vendors, one was selling Walker T-shirts, and the other, Walker hats and magnets.

The Pithy Pin folks have been right here with the rest of us, fighting from the very beginning. I believe they deserve our support and help, please do what you can to support them by purchasing all your conservative free expression buttons, (and “Breitbart is here” buttons too) from them at, because NO CONSERVATIVE  BUSINESS  should ever have to pay a price for doing the “RIGHT” thing.  

Please share this with everyone you know and help us make a Roar they can’t ignore on behalf of our friends at

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