You Call This Leadership?

When President Obama made his speech on Thursday, November 14, 2013, he admitted that things had not gone well with the ACA and that he takes responsibility.  Then the President stated that he is making all plans grandfathered under the ACA for another year.  Now had he changed that January 1, 2013, instead of November 14, 2013, it would have made a huge difference.  Two important  things about this change, first he probably does not have the power to make this change, and second, this depends on the insurance companies having the ability to reissue these policies.  There were two states already that have said they will not allow this change in their state.  The democrats running cover for him heralded this press conference and said it showed real leadership.

My question to you is, is this leadership telling a lie to the American people for over three years?  Is saying that what you said was you could keep your plan providing it meet the current ACA criteria, when you never said that, is that leadership?  When caught in that lie, you then said you should have said the last part about if it met the criteria, and you realize now, what you said was not completely accurate,, is that leadership.  Is it leadership to say I will keep my promise, but only for one year longer?

There are other situations where the lack of leadership of this President is evident, Benghazi, Syria with Chemical Weapons, the NSA spying and several others.  Sadly, our current President is no leader, he is duck and run, blame someone else, delay a decision until it is out of his hands, or lie.  It’s no wonder our country is falling apart if this is how the left defines a leader.

I am Chuck Pithy and I tell it like it is!

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