Produced By: Passionate Pachyderms

The unequivocally Passionate Pachyderm response to  beltway GOP RINOs declarations of WAR on the Conservative Tea Party,  “BRING IT ON”  tells a story  MILLIONS of Americans share.  Americans who were once members, financial donors,  proud supporters, and the devoted boots on the ground of the Republican Party, but when the party stopped listening, stopped paying attention, stopped representing it’s members, and started allowing the “Republicrats”  within to take control, do things their way, and cast aside the Republican base,  that base predictably walked away refusing to return.  “WE DIDN’T LEAVE THE GOP,  The GOP LEFT US!”   Now you declare war upon us because  we won’t allow you and your ilk of Gutless Obtuse politicians to corrupt our beliefs, morals, and values, rob us of all we’ve worked for, and infringe upon our God given Constitutional Rights?  SCREW THAT! WE’VE HAD ENOUGH, SO YOU WANT A WAR..YOU’VE GOT IT!. “BRING IT ON!”  

Another fantastic production from the fine folks at Passionate Pachyderms digital Media Group, The Brutally Honest Elephants In Every Room! Join The Herd!

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