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I’m about to drag it out in the open.  Expose this unbelievably vile, damaging, infuriating secret to the light of day where everyone can see it for exactly what it is, so that finally, FINALLY, the American people, Conservatives, Patriots, Republicans, and yes, even Democrats can focus on the REAL enemy within.

In recent days, we have heard from pundants, politicians, media hacks, and political wannabe’s all pushing the same agenda, all demonizing the one individual who has been the first person to tell it like it is on a stage big enough to be heard from sea to shining sea.

The media is against him, the GOP is against him, the DNC, and K Street are against him,  the career politicians are vehemently against him, and yet, with so many voices screaming in unison everywhere we look and everywhere we go, more and more Americans are stopping to hear what he is saying.

In spite of the powers that be trying desperately to convince the American electorate to hate this man, explaining why we must not elect him, we must not support him, we must not listen to what he says, we certainly must not trust him,  attempting to destroy his reputation, malign his integrity, and tear him apart piece by piece, that very American electorate is turning out in droves to vote for him.

Certainly there have been others who have tried to awaken the sleeping giant using many of the very tired, stale, tactics they are using now, in most recent memory Sarah Palin, but these same individuals have always managed to silence them before the giant awakened.

I began to see this 8 long years ago, and had I not personally experienced it myself, I doubt I would have ever believed anyone who tried to tell me it was so.

You see the dirty little secret no one wants the American people to know, the one they have tried desperately to keep hidden from us, the one that it is said in some cases they have killed to keep, is that the American people have been duped! Duped into thinking any of what they do is about or for us.

For centuries they have perpetuated the biggest scam imaginable. For generation after generation they have managed to convince us that “We the people” are in charge by giving us the ability to vote for our representatives and leaders. For generations it worked too! It worked because they controlled the media, we knew only what they allowed us to know, what they deemed we were capable of comprehending without catching onto their vile little secret.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the 2016 elections, people started researching the news they were given, they started calling out politicians who do nothing but lie to their constituents, they started going to Washington D.C. and seeing things for themselves. They began to read the bills that were being written and passed, and they realized their representatives were not reading those very same bills! They started asking why, and DEMANDING answers, and when they got tired of being lied to, they began to replace those politicians with different ones.

What the American people didn’t realize, what they hadn’t quite woken up enough to understand was that, any politician they elected and sent to Washington was almost instantly corrupted and manipulated into playing the exact same game by the exact same rules set up by the exact same people who stand to lose and gain the most by keeping the American giant asleep, in debt, and mindlessly struggling to get from paycheck to paycheck.

You see if the American people are too busy just trying to exist, they won’t have time to realize or understand they are being manipulated, lied to, and robbed, and they will certainly never see it or understand it enough to come together as one AWAKENED sleeping giant and FIGHT BACK with a leader of their own choosing!

Or so they thought…

But now, now the giant is awake. Trump has heard what it’s been saying, and whats more, he has learned how to relate to the giant. To speak to it, to understand it’s anger, and be the one who stands up with that giant and screams NO MORE!

Those of you who are Trump haters, who refuse to even entertain the thought that he might just be as good as his word, that he knows he isn’t perfect, he has been divorced several times, he has made a few bad business choices, (but judging by his net worth, has made far more good choices than bad ones) and he talks to average Americans the way average Americans talk to each other. Occasionally we Americans tell someone to kiss our ass, in anger or frustration we say “go to hell” big deal! Let those among you who have NEVER uttered a profanity to make a point, or express frustration cast the first stone.

Has he been on the wrong side of things politically? Of course he has! We all have! None of you can tell me that you never held a position that ran contrary to the one you hold now politically, or you haven’t changed your mind about something after having had a personal experience with it, or learning the facts behind it that you didn’t know before.

Could Donald Trump be someone other than the person he is showing us now? ABSOLUTELY! But tell me, how many of you behave and talk the same way when your boss is standing behind you as you do when your watching a football game with friends?

Bottom line here folks is, Donald Trump has got what it takes to put “We the people” back in charge of this country. He has what it takes to put corrupt politicians and their friends out of work and give them a taste of their own medicine, to let them feel what it’s like to be scared because they can’t make the house payment, and can’t find a job that pays what their old one did.

He has what it takes to bring jobs back to middle class American workers, to stop the flow of business leaving America because they can’t afford to stay here. He has the balls to tell it like it is when it comes to Muslim extremists, and to stand up and say “we’re sorry, but because you refuse to stand against the extremists among you, we can’t allow any of you into our country until we can be certain you are not one of them. He understands Americans have become afraid for themselves and their families because they are not confidant their country can or will protect them from Islamic pond scum sucking rag heads with a desire to rape our daughters, and destroy our country. He has the balls to go after them and wipe them off the face of the earth!

Donald Trump has the determination to get the wall built, and send millions of illegal aliens back to where they came from! (Don’t bother whining to me about “tearing families apart” either, they knew they were here illegally, and they accepted the risk of having their families torn apart when they decided to stay here illegally.)

If they are here illegally, they have committed a crime every day they have been here, so I along with millions of other Americans have no tolerance for anyone who claims illegals have committed no crimes, and should be allowed amnesty,  when their very existence in my country is a crime! Trump understands this, he agrees with it!

Finally, how many of you have stopped to consider the fact that the VERY SAME people who are screaming the loudest against Trump, and trying everything possible to stop him from becoming POTUS, are the ones who REFUSED to vet Obama even when we exposed his mis deeds, lies, criminal and terrorist friends, lack of background records, questionable associations, and complete lack of leadership qualities or experience, they all turned away from the facts and chose to ignore them, ask yourself WHY?

And why now are they hell bent on stopping the candidate an overwhelming majority of Americans, Independent, Republican, and Democrat want to see in office? WHY?

Why are the Republicans willing to allow their entire party to implode, and expose the fact that we the people don’t chose the presidential candidate, the RNC and DNC do? WHY?

Why are they bringing out every RINO DINO they can find who isn’t dead and buried to help stop the candidate so many Americans clearly believe in, rather than simply allowing the will of the people to be done? If what I have said here is wrong, YOU TELL ME WHY!

The fact is Donald Trump has become the sleeping giant whisperer, and GOD HELP those who refuse to listen to what this giant has to say.


Join The Herd!

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