By Passionate Pachyderms

I Bought A Gun Tonight

I bought a gun tonight. I didn’t buy it to go hunting. I didn’t buy it for target practice.

I paid my $10. for a background check, presented my Identification, and signed on the dotted line. I bought my gun legally.

I bought a gun tonight because I know my local police departments response time is measured in hours, not minutes.

I bought a gun tonight, because recently I was robbed of over $10,000 worth of personal belongings in broad daylight.

I bought a gun tonight because when I came home to find I’d been robbed, and called the police, they never bothered to come to my house.

I bought a gun tonight, because the second time I called the police to tell them my neighbor had seen those who robbed me, could describe them and describe the truck they pulled into my drive way, up to my garage, and proceeded to load my belongings into, they’re only response was to say, “well if they come back, have your neighbor call us.”

I bought a gun tonight, because my government has released hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens into the general population who are rapists, murderers, thieves, Drug addicts, drug dealers, and thugs of every possible sort, and they have no idea where they are.

I bought a gun tonight, because our borders are not secure, and bad people are crossing into my country at an alarming rate.

I bought a gun tonight, because there are terrorists in our midst. Terrorists whose goal in life is to hurt, kill, torture, rape and destroy every American citizen.

I bought a gun tonight, because my federal government and elected officials REFUSE to do their jobs and see to it that as an American citizen, I am safe in my own country.

I bought a gun tonight, because our president appears indecisive, uncommitted, mentally deficient, and lacks the intestinal fortitude to do what it takes to protect my country or those living in it.

I bought a gun tonight because while I am a good person, and my husband and I work hard for what we have, there are far too many individuals out there who have no respect for people like us, and think nothing of stealing what we have out of seem twisted sense of entitlement.

I bought a gun tonight because I refuse to be anyone’s victim.

I bought a gun tonight, I know well how to use it, and won’t hesitate.

I bought a gun tonight, and I wanted you to know that if you’re in trouble, I’ve got your back. But if you’re here to make trouble, you’ll have to go through me first.

I bought a gun tonight…

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