A little birdie is saying, it may be time to prepare for the SHTF


By Passionate Pachyderms

When someone like Matt Drudge whose collective reach is over a billion readers globally, issues a cryptic four word Warning like the one issued this past weekend on twitter, it’s time to sit up straight in your chair, smooth down those hairs which are now standing at attention on the back of your neck, take a deep breath, and prepare for the very distinct possibility, that shit is about to Hit The Fan and get REAL, quick fast and in a hurry! Chances are, when they do, it’s going to be a seriously  BAD thing, long before anything  good can be found  within it. Matt’s message? HAVE AN EXIT PLAN”

Now let’s look at a few other indications, warnings, and eyebrow raising things that make you go hummmmm that have taken place over the past… well let’s just say 24 months to make it easy. Beyond that you can feel free to add whatever points and comments you like to either support or refute any possible possibilities.

Things like Janet Napolitano’s Parting warning that;  “a natural disaster — the likes of which the nation has never seen — is also likely on its way.” (April 2013)

Last year one of America’s leading talk show hosts, Mark Levin, warned that the U.S. government has been simulating the collapse of our financial system and society with the potential for widespread violence. There are countless such examples of highly influential media personalities who are issuing similar warnings.

In September, we found out that the government was planning for a large scale disaster in Fema region 3, and we’ve heard various rumors of events and government preparedness drills and stockpiling of supplies from just about every region of late.

Additionally, there have been insider reports indicating that a crisis of unprecedented magnitude is coming to the United States. Contrarian economists, who are almost completely ignored by mainstream media, have warned of dire consequences to the continued operation of our systems of commerce, including our domestic food distribution networks. And though it has not been reported on the alphabet news channels, the U.S. military has been actively war gaming collapse scenarios and engaging in highly suspicious exercises across U.S. metropolitan areas.

While Matt’s latest comments could be referring to anything, given the types of stories he’s covered in recent years we could make the case that he is referring to worst-case scenarios.

That being the case, I urge you all to make the effort to become as informed as possible. Turn off the t.v.  learn what is going on around you, and how to see yourself and your family members through a crisis situation, because knowledge is power, and the more you know, the more you’ll be able to process and understand without casually dismissing important clues, warning signals and signs as mere coincidence,  happenstance, or some wacked out tin foil hat wearers conspiracy theory.

Dismissing or ignoring  information like, Matt’s warnings, the carefully put words of caution from others,  indications, signals, signs, odd happenings, bizarre events,  Government and military preparedness exorcizes,  or other events that can’t be reasonably explained away, even things like the body language of elected officials in supposed “leadership” positions can give you the clues needed to get the hell out of dodge before the mad rush begins and traps you and your loved ones in what could be a future combat zone.

To be clear, I AM NOT saying, that it’s time to go dig yourself a hole in the ground, drop in a rail road car, and plan to lock yourself and your family there the moment things get serious…

I AM saying, now is a good time to stock up on things that you’ll need anyway eventually, that won’t go bad sitting in your garage or basement in the mean time, but may come in VERY handy in the event of an emergency.

If your anything like us, you don’t have much money to stick into being prepared for some emergency you don’t even know will happen… Trust me, I get it!

But it doesn’t have to cost a lot to be a little prepared. There are tons of little things that will become huge in the event of an emergency situation, getting and having them on hand doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. (I’ll include a short list of some of them here)

Extra medications  (explain to your doctor you are attempting to put together an emergency survival kit for your family which will see you and them through a period of two weeks to a month, and want to include needed medications in it…. (yes Honesty is always the best policy, he/she may have samples to offer you, or ideas on how to get  your insurance company to agree to pay for the additional medication supply.)

Water…. Even if you’re not a real fan of water, do it anyway. You can often find bottled water on sale somewhere for next to nothing, make sure you have a minimum of two cases, (24 bottles each) of bottled water for each member of your family. If possible, more is better, but if all you can do is the minimum, you’ll be glad you did!

If like myself, you or someone in your family has a caffeine addiction, via soda, coffee or tea, make sure you have enough of that to avoid them going into caffeine withdrawal, and having issues at the height of an emergency.  For most of us, this is pretty easy, just maintain a constant extra supply which you can then rotate through each time you normally would buy more.

Take $25-50 per pay period, (or whatever you can) in cash, put it in an envelope, and stick it between your mattress and box spring, just in case.

Take another $10-20 and go to the dollar store to get things like:

a dozen bottles of hydrogen peroxide (you’ll be amazed the number of things this stuff is great for!)

Band-Aids and bandages, needles (sewing) thread, Fishing line, Stick matches, bic type lighters, Aspirin,  ibruprphen, cough/cold medicine/vicks vapor rub

Rain capes (one or two for each family member) baby wipes, packages of tea lite candles (for those in cold climates, purchase as many of these as possible, they come 12 or 24 in a package for $1) medium sized unpainted clay pots> 2 for each room(for heat)batteries, flash lights, lanterns, small emergency radios, walkie talkies, (one for each member of your family)  plastic tarps, clear plastic paint covers (for covering and taping windows) duct tape, crank cell phone charger, 2 full propane tanks (for cooking) rope, clothes pins, string, and ammunition for any weapons you own.

Food* remember you may not have any way to cook it or refrigerate it, so be mindful to only get things that require little or no cooking like peanut butter, crackers, cans of soup, beans, beef jerky, spagettios, dry cereal you won’t mind eating without milk, rice, etc. If you have infants, they will need formula, food and cereal and diapers.

Once you cover all the bases for a sort term major emergency of a week or two, then start thinking about long term emergencies of several weeks or months. Spring is coming, consider buying seeds and planting survival gardens. Learn how to grow and store your own food safely. Keep in mind you may be without gas, electricity, heat, and running water for a week or more and plan accordingly especially if you live in cold climates.

There are tons of web sites on the net that can provide you with additional suggestions and tips on how to prepare on a dime, take the time to do your homework and remember that even if you can’t do everything, doing “something” is always better, and will leave you far better off than doing NOTHING at all. So, get busy, and in the words of Matt Drudge, “Have an exit plan!”


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