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Many of you probably don’t realize exactly how active Passionate Pachyderms is, nor all of the things we have our hands in as we strive to help keep each of you as informed and prepared for what may lie ahead as possible.

In spite of this level of involvement on the part of your Passionate Pachyderm leadership, as well as the efforts of many of our AMAZING staff members, who work very hard along with us to contribute important information and articles, funny video clips, enlightening graphics, and entertaining points to ponder, FACEBOOK is doing EVERYTHING IMAGINABLE to FORCE page owners to pay for “Post boosts,” effectively extorting money from us, before they so graciously allow us to exorcise our First Amendment Right to Free expression.

This means in spite of the amount of work we’re doing, and efforts we’re going to in order to make sure each of you have the opportunity to see all of the amazing videos we’re producing, important articles we’re writing, URGENT notices and ALERTS we’re sending out, and notices of upcoming events we’re inviting you all to participate in, you’re not getting them, and don’t have the opportunity to get involved or plan for them.

The best way to assure you actually get and have the opportunity to see EVERYTHING we’re sending out, is to make sure you “like” “comment upon” and “share” as much as possible that we send out.

 Sorry guys. This stinks I know, but we can’t do our job, making sure you are as informed and prepared for the fight ahead, if you elect not to do your’s by helping to spread the passionate Pachyderm word and grow the reach of our herd. Our efforts, and indeed the time we spend doing all that we do are wasted if no one is receiving what we are sending out.

While we have hundreds of thousands of Passionate Pachyderm members, and we are reaching many through our Command Center, our reach continues to dwindle because our messages are not being commented upon, shared or liked on Facebook.

We want you to stay with us! But unless you actively participate, it’s likely Facebook will no longer allow you to see what we’re sending out, it’s that simple, and if you can’t see those messages, it’s likely your missing important alerts, events, calls to action, and information!

So here is what we need you to do, 1. PLEASE BE SURE TO LIKE, SHARE, and COMMENT on our messages as often as possible!

2. Please encourage EVERYONE your connected with to go to our Facebook Page and click “Like” on the page, and leave a comment/message to let us know you’ve done that, even something as brief as a 🙂 is fine! Then click like on that message/comment.

3. Going forward, if you see a message, video, comment, or graphic from Passionate Pachyderms, take the half a second needed to click “like” and from time to time, use the other half of that second to leave another 🙂 and “Like it”.

We positively MUST get our info seen more than it is currently being seen, or we will be unable to accomplish what we are here to in the coming months. Get in the habit of doing these things now, and later that habit will help make sure we accomplish our goal of DE-LOUSING the HOUSE and SWEEPING IT CLEAN in 2014!

Thanks to EVERYONE for your continued support and assistance! Together we CAN MAKE THEM HEAR US ROAR LIKE NEVER BEFORE! Come on Pachyderms, Let’s GET IT DONE!


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