An American Patriots tale…A Murder Mystery, or An unfortunate, tragic series of impossibly timed coincidences

by Passionate Pachyderms

You decide.


First, Cut and paste the following into a new browser window, then begin by watching this Four minute video: bart-DC-Tribute


Just The Facts… Some background, and supporting info. ( I’ll leave it to each of you to draw your own conclusions…….)


** The Los Angeles County Coroner’s assistant Michael Cormier, who was associated with the completion of reports for the autopsy of (among others,) Andrew Breitbart was murdered. This individual became very ill suddenly, and died unexpectedly on April 22, 2012. The official cause of death for Mr. Cormier was cyanide poisoning. To date no further information has been reported on the unusual timing and cause of the coroners death.



Coincidentally,  April 22, 2012 was the very LAST day of the 6-8 week time frame in which the L.A. County Coroner’s Office reported it would require, to issue the complete findings of the autopsy, microbiology testing, and toxicology report of Andrew Breitbart’s remains.



This was extremely unusual, because in the year prior to Andrews death, other individuals of considerable fame and notoriety had also died in L.A. County, and been autopsied, such as Whitney Huston, and Michael Jackson, both of who’s autopsies included microbiological studies, and toxicology screenings for drugs and other substances, similar to Andrew Breitbart’s.



As was the case with Both the Huston and Jackson  final full autopsy reports, (which also included results of microbiological screening, and full toxicological testing,) the autopsies of these and other famous personalities are typically  returned expeditiously due to the number of public inquiries, demands for answers, and level of public interest.  Both Huston’s and Jacksons full final Autopsy reports were completed and released within less than 6 weeks of their deaths, in neither case were the final reports delayed until the last possible moment or beyond, so why was this the case with the Breitbart report? 



Even as the April 22, 2012 deadline date came and went, and we learned of the coroners murder, the Breitbart full final report still had not been released, it was not until sometime later that the report was released very quietly without attention.



As one considers all of these interesting circumstances and coincidences, then adds to them the following video examples, which offer snap shots of the bold, In Your Face, electric persona that positively defined Andrew Breitbart,……



When one is reminded of Andrews disarming knack for making even his fiercest Left leaning debate opponents, walk away from an encounter with him thinking, “God help me, I actually REALLY LIKE this guy!   The thought that all of these facts rolled up into one neat, but heartbreakingly tragic, little ball of “coincidence” positively forces the mind to begin wondering…,



Let’s recap, (follow me here for a minute,  I really am getting to the point)



Is it, could it, all really be just “coincidence?”



Is it really possible,  that all of these circumstances would, or could EVER occur exactly as they did? The VERY point in time, right down to the exact date, on which Breitbart had publically sworn to “out” the past indiscretions of his biggest opponent to date, Barack Obama.



( CPAC 2012 Breitbart full speech )



At his Cpac 2012 speech, three weeks prior to his death, Andrew announced to a packed room of Patriots from across the country, that on March 1st, he intended to reveal film footage which he had in his possession, that promised to hugely impact the outcome of the 2012 presidential election.  To “Change The Game.”  Film footage that could, according to Breitbart’s claims, potentially effectively change the course of America’s future.



Per The Ulsterman Insider Reports



**Keep somewhere in your thoughts, that right around this same time, Barack Obama had been killing American citizens (among others) abroad with drones, and had begun taking a great, (some say Perverse) interest and pleasure in playing with “his drones.” Deciding that he alone would be the final decision maker on who would or would not be “taken out” with drones, and according to the White House Insider, became giddy with excitement regularly as he watched the strikes happening. Reportedly Obama spent bizarre amounts of time watching films of these drone strikes, and was becoming obsessed with their operations and control.



Then,  at 12:30 a.m. on the very date Breitbart had planned to release  his Game Changing film footage,  (March 1, 2012) this roller blading, back flipping, in your face,  Patriot with his hair on fire, and went 120 in the fast lane of life,   would, without any warning, without one complaint of fatigue, chest or arm pain, without “skipping a beat,” finish his discussion and nightly glass of red wine in a bar he regularly visited near his home, say goodnight, walk out, proceed to the street curb, glance for oncoming traffic, then walk casually across the street in no apparent distress, without so much as a stagger, stumble, or grasp of his chest, reach the other side, raise his foot to step up onto the curb, and “drop like a sack of potato’s” dead at age 42. Leaving behind a wife, and four beautiful young children.



(Watch  Infinitely Andrew video)



What do you think happened to this tremendous voice of Conservative truth almost a year ago when he stepped up onto the other side of that curb?



Is this really the way we want our country to be ruled? Even if (big if) this COULD all be one really crappy string of coincidences, (which I very much doubt) just the idea that more than a few stray people consider our current government capable of such unspeakable actions even for a second of passing thought, is a profoundly impactful statement on just how bad things have become.



And yet, still so many remain complaisant, refusing to stand up, refusing to speak out, refusing to act.



Unable or unwilling to awaken from the slumber administered by the powers that be, so deeply anesthetized from the America of our fathers and grandfathers day that it is completely unrecognizable.



As Americans, we cannot continue to ignore what is standing in front of us, threatening our freedom, our Constitution, and way of life, prohibiting us from moving in any direction, or for that matter even from screaming ENOUGH!  



As few as 20 years ago, even the thought of our government playing a roll in doing ANY of the things they are currently involved in, would have been categorically ridiculous and dismissed out of hand as preposterous. Now though, we fear stepping forward, we fear being the one to speak out even now while we are still able… is this REALLY WHO YOU WANT TO BE? Is this REALLY the America you’ll be proud to hand to your children and grandchildren?



What will you say when they look at you and ask what you did to stop it from happening? Will you look at their faces, and into their eyes,  and with a glimmer of fight and defiance left in your voice,  say I fought with everything I had, I kicked, I screamed, I protested, and I fought for you, and I’ve never stopped fighting for you.



Or Will you look sadly at them, and say “I did nothing. I let them take your future, your RIGHTS and your freedom without so much as a whimper or whisper of protest. I didn’t stand. I didn’t speak. I didn’t fight. I didn’t say NO!  I didn’t care.  I believed someone else would fight for it, for you. That they could risk everything, their reputation, their belongings, and their lives, while I risked nothing, and did nothing.  I didn’t want  to.  I didn’t support those who did either.  I didn’t have time, I didn’t care, and because I didn’t,  You will never know what it is to be free.”



Time to Choose folks, and time to act.

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George Stuart

The end was straight and to the point. I like that and yes I’ve done what I could, just never seems to work or not enough worked. Am I frustrated, Yes, will I stop HELL NO.

Keep on keeping on.

MaeBelle Barger

I am new to this site as of today…and after reading this article regarding Andrew Breitbart’s untimely death, I am so thrilled to find that others are as suspicious as I am about these occurances…..just as I was with Vince Foster in the Clinton Administration. Thank you for your timely article…..


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