American Sniper

I rarely go to movies for a number of reasons, I work a lot of hours, PP and I are very busy in the political world and the rest of the time we are spending time with our poodles. This is our life and we would not change it. However yesterday we made time to see the movie “American Sniper”. We watched it at an Imax screen and it felt like we were right there with them.

While I had a deep appreciation for our military before, this increased it a 100 fold. These average Americans with some training are putting themselves in places where no person should ever have to go. These people are pushed beyond limits and faced with evil the likes of which we all pray we never have to see. The main character of the movie, Chris Kyle, had a sense of duty, honor and country that I wish every American had. But in addition to Mr. Kyle, the others in his unit and the other units had that same sense of duty, honor and country.

To those who dare to diminish, demean or insult those who so bravely fight to defend our country, you can KISS MY ASS. Michael Moore, you owe the military a huge apology and a lot of gratitude for what they have done to give you the freedoms you have. You sir, should be ashamed of yourself.

I am Chuck Pithy and I tell it like it is!

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