Whether you’re a member of Camp Cruz, taking a ride on the TRUMP TRAIN, All in for CARSON, Jumping for JEB, FEEL THE BURN, or are all in for HIllARY, guess what?


Politics have become a multi billion dollar industry, perhaps even a multi trillion dollar industry if you count the funds changing hands amongst politicians on both sides of the isle from special interests, foreign leaders, lobbyists, corporations with skin in the game, and those who wish they did.

These funds are doled out in the form of cash donations to campaigns, and super pacs, but also in the form of “special favors,” corporate “assistance” donations to favorite personal “foundations,” free unlimited use of corporate jets, special low interest loans from banks, unprecedented job titles and no show positions for the wives, girl friends, children, family members and friends of politicians, insider information upon which politicians make investments, free family vacations, use of vacation homes, and so on.

This “all about the money honey” way of political life is at the root of the widespread corruption within our government that continues to grow worse with each passing moment. It is the reason we have politicians who become welded to the chairs their political positions offer them. It is the reason they NEVER answer your questions when you ask them with a simple yes or no, and rather talk in circles never really saying anything at all about the matter at hand.

Recently, Jeb Bush spent over 100 million dollars in New Hampshire to buy his way to the top of the primary for POTUS. He failed of course, but lets take a look at what that much money means in real things shall we?

one hundred million dollars can buy 2,500 $40,000 SUV’s or cars. It can provide college educations for 3000 people who otherwise couldn’t afford them. It could pay medication co pays for thousands of disabled and elderly people who can’t afford them. It could pay the mortgages for 66667 families for a full year, (based upon those mortgages being $1500 per month) It’s enough to provide 1,000 entrepreneurs $100,000 each with which to start a small business which could employ four or more people.

That was the amount spent by just one candidate on one primary. When taken in it’s entirety once all of the funds spent by all of the candidates, coupled with all of their super pacs, special donors, the RNC and the DNC, as well as all of the funds spent by those who support those candidates for things like hotel rooms, food, gas, vehicle use, air fare, rental cars, etc not to mention the amount the media spends on covering those campaigns, putting on debates, following candidates around for weeks, months, or even years at a time, and the final dollar amounts are truly staggering.

It’s no wonder we as a country can’t seem to find qualified, honest, dedicated people to run for office. If you can get past the mud slinging, family attacks, and skeletons hidden in closets you forgot all about, you need to find a minimum of $100,000. just to run for a simple state assembly person position. The higher the office, the higher the price tag. If you don’t have that kind of cash laying around with nothing else to spend it on, you need to go out and find it. Obviously, the more you need, the more it costs to get. The entire political system is rigged for corruption.

It should come as no surprise than, that right now our entire government is one massively tangled mess in which everything and everyone is bought and paid for several times over, and not just with your tax dollars.

You want a Government contract to provide our military members with duffle bags? First you have to put in a bid, if there are ten others whose bids are the same or less than yours, you have to get the support of someone in political office who can convince others your duffle bags are better even though they may cost more, how do you do that? By making an impression on the decision makers, or those in charge of the decision makers, or those who owe that person a favor or two. One hand washes the other, one favor is repaid with another… and so it goes.

You want to be the one to provide ammunition? How about light bulbs, shoe laces, food trays, toilet seats, bed linens, blankets, pillows, door locks, lockers, flashlights, tires, fuel, on and on, it’s all the same.

More often than not, now days, just about everything the government wants, gets, or uses, it gets from one of a handful of “primary” companies that subcontract with other companies, who sub sub contract from others, each one getting paid some percentage of the final cost.

Gone are the days when Jane’s average sheet company could place a bid to provide all the bedsheets the government needs over a period of time and actually win that contract. The costs to Jane as a small business person in the United States are simply too high and she can’t possibly compete with those primary companies and their sub contractors with suppliers in Japan or China, and even on the off chance she found a way to compete with those prices, the powers that be with friends in those primary companies find a way to change the specifications of what is needed to something just outside the reach of Jane’s company, even though the normal specifications are all the are legitimately needed.

Because just about EVERYTHING goes through this hand full of primary companies, they like to keep those political decision makers happy, and how do you think they accomplish doing that? Frequently with donations, favors, and all of the things we mentioned earlier, that’s how!

The more supplies these primary companies control, the harder it becomes for anyone to outbid them, if no one can out bid them, they get to set the prices for things when it comes time to get more. So while maybe they charged $1. per bed sheet in the beginning, now the price goes up to $10.00 per sheet, and the government pays it, because there is no one else who can provide what they need when they need it, and it’s always easier to stay with a supplier you already have.

That handful of primary companies before too long controls nearly everything you can think of, from toilet paper to toenail clippers and everything in between. Of course they want to continue being one of the big dogs on the hill making more money than they should for products that sadly, are all too often lacking in quality, and wildly over priced. Those companies then turn to keeping the decision makers on their side, keeping them fat and happy, and they do a bang up job! One hand keeps washing the other.

By engaging in this practice, they insure that no one ever spills their dirty little secrets or discusses their back room deals. You see if anyone did, they would of course be just as guilty if not more so than the other guy. If one goes to jail, so does the other.

Interestingly enough, on more than one occasion, when someone left this elite “club”, and began speaking of it to others, they have suddenly found themselves face to face with someone like Lois Learner from the IRS, perhaps a not so nice Osha Inspection of their personal business, or some other government inspection agency along with a not so subtle suggestion to back off and shut up or they and their finances will be tied up in so many knots their grandchildren will die of old age before it’s all straightened out, and by then, they’ll surely be penniless.

Of course we’ve all heard of amazing coincidences involving folks mysteriously passing away from things like, massive heart failure, suicide, tragic car accidents, muggings, falling off a cliff, arsenic poisoning and so on, but I’m certain those incidences are purely coincidental.

The point is, one way or the other, the message is always made quite clear, once your admitted to the inner circle, you can never talk about it, not even once you’ve been pried loose of your Washington D.C. chair, and they are quite adept at making certain of it.

In the end, whether they evolve into a career politician with their rear end welded to a chair provided by one of the afore mentioned “primary companies,” or they are a politician looking to advance from one chair to the next, the lions share of the hundreds of thousands, millions, or even billions of dollars it takes to put their behinds in those chairs comes from the same limited number of willing donors with tons of money to give away. It’s downright incestuous when you break it down and strip away all of the cleverly created loopholes which allow identities to be concealed through shadow companies, sub contractors, employees, and yes, even foreign donors, which technically aren’t supposed to exist, but from whom millions of dollars in “small non traceable credit card donations” came flooding into Obama’s and other campaigns through the years none the less.

The money, most of it anyway, comes from the same places, and the more they get, the more they owe, only they aren’t repaid in dollars, well at least not directly. Instead they are repaid in special favors, a vote this way or that, support for this bill, opposition to that one, an argument against this, and for that… and so it goes.

In the end, with EXTREMELY LIMITED EXCEPTION, no matter who you vote for, or whose behind ends up sitting in which political chair, they all get there the same way, and once there, they all operate the same way. This is why so often we send people to Washington for the first time full of ambition and promises to change things, but as time passes, nothing ever changes except the person we send. They fall prey to this corrupt, obscene way of doing things, and fall lock step behind all the rest in short order, doing exactly as they are told, when they are told, and being rewarded like well trained circus animals for the price of a successful next election.


Remember this before you pull that lever and do something we may all regret later.

I Am Passionate Pachyderms, and I tell it like it is!!

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