Theres something in the air in Cleveland Ohio this week. I mean something America hasn’t seen in quite some time, it’s a concept, a hope, a belief, a dream if you will, that it’s not too late to save this great country, it’s not too late to turn things around, and it’s certainly not too late to fight! But, Almost. We have to be honest and admit, that far too many Americans have ignored what’s been happening in this country for far too long.

Perhaps they assumed someone else would deal with it, or maybe they claimed they were “through caring about politics because it’s all rigged anyway”. Maybe like the majority of our Passionate pachyderms, they feel as though they didn’t leave their party, their party left them.

But what ever their reasons or excuses, in Cleveland right now, those doubts have been replaced with excited whispers of “what if”.

What if Trump wins? What if he really does what he says he will? What if he prosecutes Hillary and all her little Foundation Friends no matter how high the corruption goes? What if he actually starts cleaning up our government, builds a wall? Brings American factories and manufacturing back to America, and the money along with it? What if he really does make America Great Again?

Won’t it be nice to have a leader who actually cares about the American people for a change? Isn’t the very idea of having a fighter in office, one who will fight for America and for her people one that fills you with anticipation?

Yes my friends, their is something in the air in Cleveland, it’s cautious optimism, it’s an energy born of thousands of FIGHTERS coming together to do what is RIGHT for America.

Indeed fellow herd members and friends, there is something in the air, something the T.V. Can’t show you, something that can’t be seen or even heard, it must be felt. But it’s there, the air is thick with it, and as the wind blows it across your skin, it whispers a sense of possibility, and dare I say, perhaps even a sense of hope.

It’s fanning out across the country, soon you will feel it as the breeze floats across our great nation igniting patriots like wild fire. The question is, when it comes for you, will you find time to do your part? Will you lend a hand, knock on a door, or make a phone call?

Will you decide that getting involved isn’t just a good idea, it’s a responsibility we have to make sure our country remains what it has always been, the land of the Free, a shinning city on a hill that beckons all the world to join us here. (Legally)

Or, will you turn away in what you believe is righteous indignation, and allow Hillary to be elected, thereby kissing all that our country ever was, is, or ever could be Goodbye, simply because those principles your standing on suddenly have more power over you than the need to do the right thing does?

The wind is coming America, you can welcome it and help it to grow, or you can let it die. But know this, if death is your choice, you choose death not only for yourself and others around you, you choose it for generations to come, and what will you say when your granddaughter asks, “what did you do to help fight for freedom and for America? Will you tell her you stood on those principles refusing to move as your country and all it stands for died?
There is something in the air in Cleveland…. I am Passionate Pachyderms, and I tell it like it is.

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