GO AHEAD, shut down the government! But before you do….

Obama supporters and those wetting themselves with excitement over Obamacare don’t have a clue the kind of huge albatross it is going to be around the necks of the average lower to middle class Americans, and to those who employ them. Make no mistake, there will be rationing of care, hell it’s already begun!!

Those individuals who are on medicare due to age or disability, are forced to wait for needed treatment, diagnostic exams and care, when they finally do get it, they are slipping through the cracks,  unable to find or obtain the treatments and care they need. If anyone thinks for one split second this won’t affect their mothers, fathers, grandparents, children or even themselves, they need to think again.

This nightmare has not even begun to show it’s ugly heard, when it does, … by the time it does, it’s going to be too late to kill it.  

So I say, GO AHEAD,  shut down the government! But as we turn out the lights and close the doors of those government offices,  make damn sure that no congressional, or senatorial representative, nor any of their staff members, POTUS, SCOTUS,  VPOTUS or their staff members get paid either, until things are resolved.

No more trips, vacations, golf outings, shopping sprees or travel for the first family either. If they need to go somewhere, they can call Delta, and foot the bill for their security details flights as well.

 It’s time to get tough America, if they are hell bent on making us feel the pain, by golly they need to be feeling it too!

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