Would You Accept This Apology?

You get a new family who moves in next door.  As it turns out the head of the new family, is the person who makes all decisions about the building codes.  They have decided to turn their backyard into a baseball field.  You voice your concerns about the safety of your house, while they are discussing building the field.  Finally they start the construction and you continue to voice your concerns about possible damage to your house.  Today, after over two dozen promises that your house will not be harmed, they play their first game.  As you had feared, and as many people told you would happen, a ball went through your window.  Now you are told that you can’t just replace the window, you have to upgrade the window because your old window does not meet code.  Your old window suited you just fine and you felt no need to change it.  You are rightly justified in being furious.

The neighbor comes over and says the following to you.  I am sorry that you believed that your house would be safe based on what I had told you.  I want you to know that I understand your concerns and I will do my best to work on those concerns.  However despite having the ability to alter the building code he does nothing. To add insult to injury, you are suppose to take comfort in the fact that instead of replacing your old window with the same thing, which would have been much cheaper, you have replaced the “substandard” window  with a much better and much more expensive window.

I will admit that in my past there was a broken window or two.  Had I apologized to any of my neighbors in the manner above, it would not have been acceptable.  Furthermore, I certainly would have been expected to pay for what it took to replace the window.

In summary, with this President, we have no admission of his contribution to the problem and we have no indication that he will stand by his promise to the people by changing the law, thus making their old insurance acceptable.  His reassurances that they will work on fixing this issue is really just another lie. Seems like the President’s idea of an apology and what I was taught that makes up an apology is two entirely different things.  If you agree that what the President offered as an apology was acceptable, then I sure wish you would have been my neighbors.  On second thought, no I’d rather accept the consequences for my actions, unlike, our President.

I am Chuck Pithy and I tell it like it is!

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