The ACA Dollars Just Do Not Add Up???

by … Chuck Pithy

While the Obama administration has declared the website is fixed (even thought it really isn’t) I am wondering a few things.  First of all, why are we not hearing about the thousands, heck millions of people who are saving money through Obamacare.  The reason we are not hearing about them is that the ones that do exist are few and far between.  Second, why is no one talking about the high deductible levels of Obamacare?  The reason is because the administration does not include deductibles as part of insurance costs, guess they just get magically paid by some mythical entity.  Third, why are doctors, hospitals and medical providers being offered substantially less for their services than they were before?  The reason is that the administration believes they are controlling costs by limiting reimbursements for services.  The problem this causes is fewer providers for more and more patients which will results in long delays for health care.  In what is suppose to be a zero sum game, we have the following equation.  Taking money allocated for Medicare + Higher premiums + higher deductibles – doctors and medical providers being paid less = Government making money on the ACA.  So where is this money going and what is it used for?? 

The left now refuses to talk costs and have now shifted their argument to the benefits which include among other things;  no preexisting condition denials, kids on their parents insurance until age 26 and expanded Medicaid rolls.  The three things listed in the previous sentence could have been done with one simple one page bill.  So why did we need over 1,500 pages for the ACA bill?  Because it was always about the dollars and control and never about the poor, elderly and uninsured. 

Tell me again why we should trust this administration and Obamacare?

I am Chuck Pithy and I tell it like it is.

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