2 MILLION Bikers To D.C. BAD TO THE BONE (Video)

This Powerful BAD TO THE BONE video features an entertaining view of some of the

MILLIONS of AMERICAN PATRIOT Bikers who traveled to Washington D.C.

on just THREE weeks notice to honor those America lost as a result of the terrorist attacks

on September 11th 2001, to defend the importance of the date, all that it represents, all who were lost, and those left behind to put the broken pieces of their shattered lives back together.

Honestly, I doubt there is an American alive who lived through the horror and fear of that day

whose life or at least their way of thinking wasn’t changed forever.

Who among us didn’t hold their children a little longer that night, and shed buckets of tears for those desprately searching for loved ones in or near the towers that day?  And in the weeks, months, and years since then,

very few of us have been left untouched by concerns for our nations young people in the military,

as they did tour after tour of duty in Iraq, Afghanistan, and surrounding areas without adequate

down time periods in between, and for those same young people who have come home with broken

minds, bodies, and souls, to a country whose government promised them EVERYTHING,

but for far too many, has delivered NOTHING in return.

Yes, September 11th is sacred.

When the Million Muslem March people attempted to defile all the date signifies, it spurred

the giant already awake, angry, and preparing for battle,  due to the utter

insanity currently running rampant through the halls of federal government office buildings

in Washington D.C. of late,  and the mind boggling amounts of garbage coming from those offices

being forced down the throats of the American people, well, lets just say they effectively

marked Washington D.C.’s order for a case of, good ole’ Bible thumping, motorcycle driving,

beer drinking, bitter clinger & American biker “woop ass” with a “RUSH” sticker, and the rest,

as they say, is history .

The bikers also made the trip to assure delivery of a few “URGENT” messages

to those currently holding elected positions within those D.C. offices,  from the people of  

America’s Heartland.

The following are but a few of the thousands of messages written on signs,

shouted, spoken, discussed in frustration, and/or uttered in contempt on Wednesday by the more

than 2 million Americans who took the time, and made the effort to attend the September 11th event:

“Pull your collective heads out of your asses, STOP playing games with our lives, and the lives

of our children and grandchildren.”

STOP the endless stream of lies.”  “STOP the EXECUTIVE Order over-reaching.”

STOP the endless million dollar vacationing on our dime.”

STOP the unconstitutional, unaffordable, and unwanted implementation of OBAMACARE.”

STOP unconstitutionally spying on us.”

STOP targeting American Citizens based upon their political and religious affiliations and

beliefs, and threatening them using government offices, and official positions like

the IRS to achieve your own personal and political goals and agendas.”

STOP the quid pro quoe Politics, and out of control spending.”

STOP the cover ups of FAST and Furious, and Benghazigate.”

STOP impeding the investigations into what is happening within the NSA, I.R.S. DEA,

ICE, DHS, and the DOJ and others”

STOP the unconstitutional attempts to disarm American Citizens.”

STOP taxing us to death.”

STOP interfering in our lives, our businesses, and our future.”

STOP trying to tell us what to eat, what to drink, and how much!

“STOP” trying to prevent us from using what we bought and paid for with our tax dollars.”

“We have a RIGHT to be here and permits or not, you can bet we will come. When we do,


STOP interfering in the civil wars of other countries.”

“MR. Obama, STOP voting PRESENT, and START leading. YOU wanted to be president,

You know what you did to obtain that title, AND SO DO WE.

It’s long past time you grew a pair, Man up, take a stand, make a decision,

take responsibility, and DO YOUR F***ING JOB.”

“ALL OF YOU, STOP lying to us, and to yourselves, no one believes you anymore anyway.”

“MR. Boener, STOP your whining and crying, take a stand, hold your ground. Be a man!

(That is of course if you remember what being a man is all about.)

“STOP saying one thing, then doing the other.”

“STOP sleeping, (and playing golf) with Dogs, then complaining because you woke up

scratching at fleas.”

STOP the political posturing. Learn to answer a straight question with a straight answer.

Say what you mean, and mean what you say.”

START listening, and actually paying attention to the needs of those who elected you.”

Republicans, decide which side your on, then be prepared to FIGHT to defend it, rather than

tucking your tails between your legs and peeing on yourselves like frightened puppies!

And for Gods sake,  STOP killing and eating your own, then wondering why those looking to

you for leadership, behave in exactly the same way.”

Democrats, Wake the hell up! Your being played. We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but

Lincoln was a REPUBLICAN.”

REPUBLICANS championed the civil rights movement, not DEMOCRATS.”

“Martin Luther King Jr. was a REPUBLICAN, and REPUBLICANS were NOT the ones

committing vile depraved acts of cruelty, and racially motivated HATE crimes against Blacks

in the 50’s and 60’s, it was the Democrats!  The Democrats do NOT represent

“working class Americans.” Though unions fund the Democrats almost entirely,

neither do anything for working class Americans except lie to them, manipulate them,

and steal their hard earned money.”

“In reality, in 2013 it no longer matters whether your Republican or Democrat we’re past that.

Now, it’s not about party, it’s about whats RIGHT and whats WRONG, because with few

possible exceptions, you’re all guilty of the same lies, the same nonsense, the same

crimes, and cover-ups.”  

WE’LL BE BACK, and when we come, we’ll be bringing our neighbors,

family members, and friends. 

Next time, we won’t be in Washington seeing the sites, we’ll be coming to STOP the insanity,

and take out the trash! So it’s time to decided whether you’re going to be part of the solution,

or continue to be THE PROBLEM!”

My advise? Choose wisely and Consider the thunder you heard throughout

the day on 9/11/2013 our warning shot across the bow of a corrupt, incompetent,

dysfunctional,  inept government.

 There won’t be another warning shot… We will be back, and when we arrive,

we will be MILLIONS!

**Thanks to those who took time away from their lives, jobs, homes, and businesses

to be in Washington on September 11th. You are ALL modern day Patriots. You are AMERICANS!
God Bless and keep you. Thank you!**
Passionate Pachyderms 

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